• Michael Cohen told Insider the Justice Department was corrupted by former President Donald Trump.
  • The ex-president’s former personal lawyer was reacting to news the department was spying on lawmakers.
  • The department had subpoenaed Apple to obtain data on representatives Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, among others.
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The revelation that the US Department of Justice obtained files for at least two Democratic lawmakers – and criticism of former President Donald Trump – shows just how perverted the legal system has been to serve the narrow partisan interests of the last administration, Michael Cohen told Insider on Friday.

The comments by the ex-president’s former personal lawyer came after reports that federal prosecutors forced Apple to hand over the communication data for Democratic Representatives Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, as well as committee staff and their relatives, including a child.

At least ten people in total were impacted, The New York Times reported, in an effort to uncover the source of the press leaks about Trump’s associates and their relations with Russia. The administration also obtained information about journalists from several national media as part of its investigation.

“Like the Mafia, the Justice Department has become nothing more than a corrupt arm of the Trump administration,” Cohen said, “led by Donald J. Trump as the head of the family.”

Cohen added that each target of the latest administration’s surveillance “should be notified and the full list of individuals should immediately be released to the media.”

The Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice, Michael Horowitz, announced Friday that his office will investigate the incident and whether it was “based on improper considerations”, following requests from Democratic leaders in Congress.

In the Senate, Democrats are also demanding that former Trump attorneys general Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions testify under oath of their role in the case.

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