OpenStack Glance is an image service that provides an agile and convenient way to copy and launch instances. The Glance service allows users to quickly, easily download, find, register, and retrieve images from a virtual machine. In other words, you can spend less time working on images and metadata definitions and more time working on your application.

Today we take a look at OpenStack’s powerful yet agile image service, Glance. Glance is worth a double-click, providing users with the power to upload OpenStack-compatible images, servers for image management in the cloud. Keep reading to see for yourself.

OpenStack Review: A picture speaks thousands of words

When it comes to OpenStack Glance, there are many features worth highlighting. For example, starting with a centralized image repository, users can update data through OpenStack’s centralized image storage service. Users can copy or use image snapshots and save them to their OpenStack-based cloud, respectively. In addition, this solves the problem of configuration migration, as the centralized image register surrounding all the infrastructure is constantly updated.

In addition, when you need your server to start up quickly and efficiently, copy-to-write is agile. Not only that copying for writing can save your company or business costs by reducing overall disk usage. In addition, it increases efficiency by using stored images as useful templates to keep new servers running at all times. It is more efficient to organize multiple servers than to manually install the server operating system and then configure all additional services manually. This means that Glance’s copy-to-write feature saves users both time and money, which are two very valuable resources for businesses or enterprises.

Downloads, downloads and compatibility

The review allows for secure downloads and secure downloads through verification of signed images. Means that the data can be verified through Glance before it is stored in your cloud. Therefore, if the confirmation fails, the download will fail and the image will be deleted. The same applies to all image downloads. If the data is unable to perform a proper data check when the image is uploaded, it will not be stored in your cloud. Glance also offers the ability to securely share multiple image types among tenants. It is possible to share images securely with specific users or all users.

In terms of compatibility, Glance is not limited to specific servers, as it can boot virtual machines alongside Cinder and Ironic. Thanks to Glance’s RESTful API, it is possible to query virtual machine image metadata and retrieve the actual image. Finally, one of the benefits of OpenStack’s advanced technologies is the simple integration of Glance into Cinder block storage under a standard infrastructure. This enables virtualization of expert storage and easy-to-use block storage management.

Getting started at a glance

In summary, we’re familiar with how Glance provides simple OpenStack-based image storage in the cloud service. Certainly, Glance is an easy way to copy and launch instances, while allowing you to upload and download images quickly and securely, and even has blocking recording integration. Want to upgrade your cloud solution? Each OpenStack-based cloud includes these image storage features.

We have been working with OpenStack on VEXXHOST since 2011 and are OpenStack certified. Also, this means that no one knows OpenStack-based clouds like we do. Our cloud services include OpenStack software that is validated through testing to provide API compatibility with OpenStack core services.

Curious to learn more about the gaze and more OpenStack core services? Contact our team of experts today learn how Glance can help elevate your cloud strategy.


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