What is a Fungible Token?

Flammable coins are commonly used as monetary value and are exchanged for currencies. Convertible tokens have no meaning because they have the same value that is used primarily to track balances and make payments.

Non-combustible tokens

Encryption characters that hold data instead of a value and are unique are called non-exchangeable tokens. Neither NFT can have the same value. These tokens do not charge any value and are different from cryptocurrencies.

Flammable tokens and non-flammable tokens

Flammable: Easily exchangeable used to buy and sell property. They have no added value.

Non-flammable: Also interchangeable with a unique data value

Flammable: Depends on ERC-20

Non-flammable: Based on ERC-721 standards

Flammable: Mainly used for making payments and tracking assets

Nonfungible: Used primarily to represent a unique entity of owners

Flammable: The transfer of value depends on the number of tokens held by the owner.

Non-edible: The value transfer is based on the unique value held by the token.

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