It doesn’t get as much attention as other platforms, but LinkedIn has grown steadily in recent years in terms of both total number of users and active engagement.

Over the past five quarters, LinkedIn has reported record level of engagement, which quarter, while the platform is now up 740 million members. What still seems to be a bit of a police outward – “members” are not the same as “active users” – but still statistics show that LinkedIn use is increasing like its potential audience and when more and more areas want to return to normal after a pandemic, business is increasing, which inevitably increases the number of users coming to LinkedIn more often.

Therefore, it may be worth re-examining the LinkedIn marketing approach. To facilitate this, LinkedIn has shared several case studies which highlight how its advertising tools and options are used, whereas today it is as well gave new tips how you can maximize your business presence and grow your business page followers.

Here are the top tips on LinkedIn:

1. Get the basics right

First, LinkedIn advises brands to ensure that they meet all the elements of a business page and include content and descriptions that tell about their business and who they want to help.

“Be sure to include relevant keywords in your business description, as search engines crawl LinkedIn Pages and can often rank high.”

LinkedIn suggests that brands should also add a LinkedIn “Follow” button to increase exposure to their own blog, website and / or newsletters, while corporate webmasters should also encourage LinkedIn first-degree links to follow the company page usingInvitation to follow“-Function.

2. Publish Thought Leadership content

This may be easier said than done, given the extra work it requires in research and creation, but the next key thing for LinkedIn is that brands should strive to publish thought leadership content.

“The best way to get attention [LinkedIn’s] the public must publish interesting content on industry news, trends and other relevant topics. Actually, 88% of business decision makers I agree that the content of thought leadership plays a crucial role in raising their perception of the organization. “

Interestingly, LinkedIn also recognizes the challenge here by pointing out only 17% of these same business decision makers rate the quality of current online leadership leadership content as “very good” or “excellent”.

Creating content is easy, and now there are more ways than ever before to put together a message or video and publish it to a wide audience. However, creating great content is as challenging as ever, and while there are newer tools that can highlight key trends and data insights that can tell you about your approach, the key is to provide your own insights and interpret those trends from your business perspective. offers.

It can take work, but the way to stand out on LinkedIn, according to LinkedIn’s advice, is to publish “well-researched, useful, and relevant content”. Which makes sense and is a good tip. But creating unique, valuable insights for your target audience takes some time, focus, and writing skills.

LinkedIn also suggests that companies want to use its site Content Suggestions feature to learn more about topics that resonate with your LinkedIn audience.

3. Join discussions that are relevant to your brand

LinkedIn also suggests that brands seek to engage in relevant discussions on the platform to raise awareness of their presence and expand connections within the app.

One way to do this is LinkedIn’s community hashtags feature, which allows LinkedIn business pages to select up to three specific hashtags to attach to their pages.

You can then interact with these topics as a company page, which can help increase your brand presence on the platform.

LinkedIn also suggests that corporate site administrators search for and host related events, giving more opportunities for interaction and exposure to those in the niche.

4. Know and grow your audience

LinkedIn also suggests that business pages use their page analysis tools to view data their pages about audience demographics and traits, and how people come to their pages.

LinkedIn business page insights

“You’ll also be able to identify which of your posts and updates are the most engaging. With these insights, you’ll be able to continually optimize for better audience targeting by providing them with the most valuable content.”

5. Activate your people

Finally, LinkedIn says that companies should encourage all their employees to ensure that they link to the company page from the work experience section of their LinkedIn profiles, which again increases potential exposure, while page administrators should also strive to share their employees ’best messages, inform employees the most important page posts to share (you can notify employees with page texts to be shared once a day) and identify team moments or employees by shouting from your page.

I mean, I’m not sure I’d personally like to see too much of this internal news on LinkedIn, but maybe it’s another aspect to increase engagement and awareness.

LinkedIn also says that brands should seek to foster internal engagement by building an employee-only community on LinkedIn My Business tab.

My Business tabadded by LinkedIn in February includes Referral and Coworker Content lists to help companies facilitate the direct allocation of relevant posts and increase internal engagement among employees.

LinkedIn My company tab

This can help reinforce selected messages and updates, as well as increase engagement, which in turn can increase employee lobbying and help maximize your company’s presence.

Here are some good tips, and while not all of them may be easy to implement, these tips and tricks should help you develop a more effective attack plan to increase your business’s LinkedIn presence.

You can check out LinkedIn’s business page tips here.


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