OpenStack Nova, also known as OpenStack Compute, is widely scalable and provides self-service-style access to computing resources such as virtual machines, containers, and bare metal services. In addition to being absolutely essential to your OpenStack cloud, Nova creates cloud computing resources. Of course, we don’t have to tell you that this is a major role, and there’s a reason why Nova is one of the most important services in your cloud.

Our goal today is to talk about OpenStack Nova and its role in the OpenStack-based cloud. Continue reading to learn more about this integral OpenStack project and how it trusts and interacts with other projects for your clouds.

What is OpenStack Nova?

The OpenStack project Nova is a powerhouse responsible for creating and managing all instances. The project enables virtual servers and is able to support the creation of virtual machines. Nova is able to provide access to computing resources on demand because of its ability to provide and manage large networks of virtual machines. With OpenStack Ironic, Nova is also able to support bare metal services. In addition, Nova is able to provide some support for system containers through Linux servers that can run daemons. This makes it a powerful yet versatile part of your OpenStack cloud.

Basic OpenStack services that interact with Nova

There are certain OpenStack services needed to ensure that Nova works at its basic level. These are OpenStack Keystone, Glance, Neutron and Placement. While Nova is able to integrate with other projects to provide other services, such as bare metal computing cases, block storage, and more, these are basic projects that allow Nova to operate.


In the first place Keystone authenticate all OpenStack services and give them an identity. Keystone is the first element installed on OpenStack and is responsible for all projects, including Nova.


Glance, on the other hand, works with image management for the cloud server. Therefore, it has the power to download OpenStack-compatible images through a computational image store.


Neutron is very powerful because it provides virtual or physical networks that compute instances in your OpenStack cloud. Everything about creating virtual networks, firewalls, and more starts with Neutron.


Finally, when it comes to tracking the list of resources in the OpenStack cloud, Nova needs a placement to provide help in choosing a resource provider to create the virtual machine from the best option.

These OpenStack add-ons interact strongly with Nova to ensure optimal functionality and performance. As an end user, Nova is a powerful tool for users to create and manage servers with tools or directly using the API. The OpenStack Client performs this task, which is the command line interface that commands most OpenStack projects. Also, if you want to use more advanced features, Nova Client is another option, but it is recommended that users choose to use OpenStack Client or Horizon as Nova tools.

Start using OpenStack Nova

It’s curious to learn more about how Nova lets you use it OpenStack cloud? A team of VEXXHOST experts is here to guide you through every step of your OpenStack journey. We want to make sure you make full use of each project. Contact us today get the best OpenStack cloud environment to meet your individual needs.


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