The change in modern business now revolves around a new IT concept – digital change. It is a process that takes organizations into the cloud service and the digital age. Today, companies leverage the power of their data center and combine the power of the cloud to achieve next-generation business solutions. The path to clouds and digitalization begins with the introduction of a hybrid IT model and the creation of a business support business. Platforms like Azure Stack, for example, are designed to help organizations expand their data center platform into a cloud ecosystem. But you also need to understand how your server center can help implement this type of extension. This helps organizations become part of the digital economy by responding more quickly to market demands. In addition, by connecting your data center and Azure Stack platforms, you create a more agile infrastructure, build state-of-the-art applications, and support new types of user use.

Learn more how Azure Stack can help you digitally transform into a cloud on the itnetX blog.

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