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With a small one the dazzling, first Mrs. Jill Biden conveyed a message that became as kind as “I really don’t care, do U?” to the world.

Thursday, Bidens traveled to the UK to attend the 47th G7 Summit. Without saying it yet, the FLOTUS blazer shared a message of “love” with foreign friends when the American couple met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife on Thursday.

Same Dr. Biden wore the Zadig & Voltaire jacket in 2019, but he has since returned to appearance by adding the word “LOVE,” shaped with silver beads.

Explaining his outfit, Dr. Biden told reporters, “We bring love from America.” He said that given the nature of the G7 summit to bring the world together, “we are trying to bring about unity around the world.”

The first woman said unity is especially important right now: “that people feel a sense of unity in all countries and a sense of hope after this pandemic year.”

[via NBC News, images via various sources]



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