So here I go … I’m on my way to the United States, Washington, Seattle, Bellevue / Redmond. I am traveling to the best summit, the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2018.

I’ll be quiet next week. I am very busy both day and night with all my MVP colleagues to meet the planned networking opportunities. The MVP Summit is a Super Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so there are no technician blog posts or tweets except for fun things in Seattle / Bellevue and the suburbs. One practice to control them all, don’t break the NDA!

You can describe the MVP summit as a military camp!

“A huge jug of honey with knowledge and experience, a constant fire-sketch of learning.” It's time to go to the Microsoft MVP World Summit 2018 #MVP #MVPSummit #MVPbuzz 2

And finally… What happens in Redmond, it stays in Redmond… 🙂

After four years of MVP, I am still star-eyed because I have the privilege of participating in the program. Thank you to Microsoft for taking me to the MVP party and giving me this great prize. I will continue to strive to be worthy of your trust and recognition.

I am very lucky to be able to attend the MVP Global Summit every year on Microsoft’s beautiful campus in Redmond, and I have every intention of seizing this opportunity.

To all my MVP colleagues, nerd friends and colleagues on their way to the summit, I look forward to meeting you soon!

It's time to go to the Microsoft MVP World Summit 2018 #MVP #MVPSummit #MVPbuzz 3

[Left to right: Didier Van Hoye (MVP), Carsten Rachfahl (MVP), Thomas Maurer (MVP), Aidan Finn (MVP), Me (MVP), Tudor Damian (MVP)]

Finally –

Enjoy yourself! In the words of Bill and Ted Be excellent to each other.

Keep a safe journey for everyone…

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