In 2019, it was first announced that Instagram will begin testing the ability for users to hide likes in their account messages.

Last week, this feature was finally released on Instagram, and Instagram ‘s parent company, Facebook, began testing this option on Facebook for future large – scale deployment on this platform.

Hiding likes There is no default platform option on Instagram (and soon on Facebook) – your account must choose to hide likes.

Instagram mentioned the possibility of adding similar actions in an effort to lower the user experience on the platform.

Hiding likes on Instagram

Hiding likes on Instagram is pretty straightforward. After uploading a photo or video to your Instagram account, click the three dots (…) in the upper right corner above the photo or video. There you will see the optionhide like count “photos and”hide like and Views ”in the videos.

At any time, if you want likes and impressions to be displayed in a particular message, you can return to the same area in the upper-right corner of the message and select “Show likes” and “Show likes and hide” for photos. Views ”in the videos.

Joins Instagram, which gives you an option in your account hide likes and views, you can choose not to see likes or reviews in messages from other accounts. This will hide anyone else’s likes or impressions regardless of you, hide or show the settings they have in their posts.

To do this, go to your account settings, click privacy, then messages and selecthide like and views. ”

A screenshot of the iPhone showing a click to hide likes.
Photo credit: Instagram

Why Hiding likes May be right for your brand

As we have come to know and love social media, many have considered the number of likes of a message increasingly important. Some users judge whether a post is relevant, current, and credible based on how many likes it receives. For big brands and influencers, this is not a problem.

However, it is not always sustainable for newer companies or B2B companies to develop a large number of followers who keep an organic touch on your messages or making on a daily basis through an aggressive hashtag strategy.

Better use of your business’s Instagram times can be focus on sending high quality images or videos with well-crafted captions that highlight your company’s unique sales propositions, culture, and show that you are an industry leader.

When you have received these messages, selecthide like calculate ”so that new users who find your account or message will focus on the message itself before making a judgment.

It’s important to note, especially from a brand perspective, that even if you choose to hide the number of likes, other users ’accounts can still click the like address and get a comprehensive list of all the accounts that have liked the likes. a specific image or message, not just the total number of likes.

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