Instagram manager Adam Mosseri shares his views on what TikTok is currently doing better for content producers and everyday users.

This is discussed as part of Creator Week questions and answers, which address a number of topics relevant to content producers.

Mosseri answers questions about commitment and reach, commercialization, the dangers of fake followers when reels are launching in other countries, and more.

It’s not common for a company manager to praise competition, so we go straight to that part.

What does TikTok do better than Instagram?

Mosseri credits TikTok’s ability to build social media stars where he wants Instagram to be able to do more.


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He admits that Instagram is effective in helping content producers stay connected to their established audience, but that’s not enough when it comes to helping new creators build that audience.

“TikTok does two things really well and better than Instagram, which I want us to catch up to, but we haven’t done it yet. One is that from the author’s perspective, it does a much better job of breaking new talent.

Instagram helps many better content producers who have already made a name for themselves to do more online. TikTok better recognizes new and young talents and helps them break out.

And we want to be really good at it. We’ve historically been less focused on that, but I’m pushing my teams hard for the little boy to do better. “


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Another thing that TikTok does better than Instagram, according to Mosser, is a reliable source of entertainment for users.

Instagram is trying to catch TikTok with reels, but Mosseri says the company has a long way to go.

“[TikTok is] much more reliable that it’s just a really entertaining thing. You know you can tap TikTok and you’re going to smile and entertain right away.

We will be better. The growth of the reels has been really strong, but we are still much smaller than TikTok and we still have a long way to go to compete. But these two things I think do better. “

Mosseri concludes his thoughts on this topic by stating that he thinks Instagram ultimately has more to offer authors.

TikTok only has video, while Instagram allows content producers to express themselves in various formats.

That makes Instagram unique compared to other platforms out there, Mosseri says:

“From the Creator’s perspective, however, I feel like we have more to offer. And I think what we offer is relatively unique.

A unique combination of entire sets of different formats because you may not be the creator of the videos. A global dimension and a product designed with the individual or even the author in mind.

Most of the other platforms, and there’s a lot of competition, focus more on one type of story. “


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Other highlights from Mosser’s questions and answers

Instagram Reach

Every creator wants to know how they can increase their coverage on Instagram, but Mosseri says there is no silver model.

In addition, it is impossible to guarantee stability once the reach of the author has increased to a level to which they are satisfied.

While Instagram’s algorithms never changed the order of content, people’s interests change. What they want to see today may not be interesting to see next week.

However, Mosseri offers a few pointers that include:

  • Try and try new things
  • Use video
  • Get viewers’ attention during the first few seconds of the video
  • Use hashtags
  • Publish several times a day in various formats


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Other highlights

Here are some highlights from the other topics discussed in the questions:

  • If a content provider is denied verification, it’s likely because they have no reputation.
  • The only thing that limits Reels ’expansion to other countries is music rights.
  • Instagram is looking for more commercialization features that may include ways for users to pay directly to content providers.
  • Buying fake followers is highly recommended and can lead to users losing their account.

For more information on the Instagram end, see all questions and answers.


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