This week, Instagram will host it Creator Week a panel series where a group of internal experts and platform influencers share their views on how the platform can be best utilized, how to connect with the public, how Instagram algorithms actually work, and more.

Today, Instagram manager Adam Mosseri took the stage live on Q and A live, where he answered several of the most commonly asked questions from Instagram users.

Mosseri offers various insights, such as:

  • Instagram cannot guarantee a stable dimension due to constant changes in the algorithm. Mosseri notes that as more and more people join Instagram, the competition for reach always changes, which means users see variations in their stats.
  • In terms of best practice, Mosseri says relying on video is good, and the first two seconds are crucial to engaging viewers. Mosseri also points out that hashtags are still valuable for discovery, while posting constantly (Mosseri notes two feeds a week for two stories a day) will help build your followers. In the second Creator Week session working with platform algorithms, Instagram also pointed out that while posting to newer surfaces like Reels doesn’t improve accessibility, taking advantage of all the available surfaces means you’ll increase your chances of finding your content in the app.
  • Mosseri says global introduction of reels has been delayed due to music licenses in some areas
  • Mosseri explains that authentication on Instagram is about providing identity to people who are more likely to encounter impersonation, and verification is usually assessed based on the applicant’s press ads.
  • Instagram wants to make more of the direct payments from content providers (fenced content, subscriptions, badges and tips) that Mosseri wants to explore because it gives authors a more direct connection to their fans.
  • The platform is also looking for new revenue sharing models for videos, including coin commercialization
  • Don’t buy fake followers. Mosseri says Instagram detection systems are improving based on several factors, and buying followers could jeopardize your account.
  • Mosseri also provides an update on the steps it has taken to combat systemic prejudice and abuse on its platform.

Interestingly, Mosseri is also addressing the question of what he thinks TikTok is doing better than Instagram at the moment. Mosseri says TikTok is right now better at breaking new and young talent that Instagram wants to improve, while TikTok also offers more reliable entertainment.

As per Mosseri:

“You know you can tap TikTok and you’re going to smile and entertain right away.”

Which is an interesting thing – Mosseri says Instagram is working to improve its Kela algorithm to provide a similar or preferably better experience, but he believes TikTok, which has made short-term video longer, is a pioneer in entertainment.

The TikTok algorithm is well tuned the special features of each clip that make you stick, which is why it’s so easy to find yourself browsing through an endless stream of TikTok for hours. TikTok really wins that it has trained its algorithm in just the right elements to keep the user interested. in relation to etc.

I doubt most people would agree with Mosser that TikTok is more entertaining, but it’s an interesting recognition from the platform one way or another.

Nonetheless, Mosseri says Instagram is focused on creating value for creators in the long run – “and helping millions of agents make a living in the next five or ten years.”

In this way, Instagram may stop arresting the TikTok wave – while TikTok continues to grow rapidly, it has yet to create a solid framework for revenue generation for content providers. Commercializing short form content is difficult because you can’t move to the center or front of ads in seconds-long clips. But on Instagram, content producers can make money from their content and presence more broadly, in many ways, while embracing new trends, such as short form content, for the general public.

If Instagram is able to offer more revenue potential, maybe it will prove tempting enough to steal some of those stars from TikTok and eventually show younger, rising agents that it offers more pathways to revenue from their work.

Here are some interesting notes for Instagram creators and marketers, as well as for this week’s earlier sessionAlgorithm for destroying myths‘and Instagram explanatory message for the internal operation of their system, they provide a good overview of the goals of Instagram processes and what type of content it wants to promote.

As Mosseri points out, there is nothing magical about helping you add every message to millions of people, but given the signals brought up by the Instagram team and the specific explanations given, you can get a better idea of ​​the key elements needed for an effective platform strategy.


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