The barrier to entering the internal marketing market is low, so startups can implement this proven effective marketing strategy faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

But here’s the thing – the bar is higher than ever before.

A short blog post without multimedia no longer does the trick. Your prospects and customer expectations are growing.

In many classes we see a the winner takes it all an environment where high-quality pieces of content win the most eyes – and clicks. In fact, Ahrefs’ research showed it 90.63% not all content receives traffic from Google at all.

How can your startup try to beat the odds?

In this column, you’ll learn about designing content marketing campaigns, how to be memorable on a small budget, and how startups can measure the success of content marketing.

Content marketers from successful startups are constantly sharing their tips and experiences to help you achieve the best possible results. Let’s get started.

Planning content marketing campaigns for Startup

You could do a million things: Search Engine Optimization, PR, Social media… It can easily become overwhelming, expensive and disruptive.


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When you’re on a tight budget, don’t launch all the channels at once, or you may spread yourself too thin.

Try to balance long-term channels (Search Engine Optimization, Social, podcasting) with campaigns that can get you the attention you need right now.

Short-term campaigns can be Product Search, promotion on Hacker News or TechCrunch, or talking on podcasts from industry leaders, for example.

With this exposure, you can understand the market, refine your message, and create your first chances.

Whether you’re planning a long-term campaign or a short-term initiative, the 4-point framework below will help you plan your content marketing strategy.

1. Objective

Before you start your campaign, you need to set your goals. This helps align the team, communicate purpose, and measure progress and success.

Goals are divided into your goals and measurable goals.

Your goal is your reason why, it is a vision. The goal is to paint a bigger picture. Examples of marketing goals are:


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  • Raise awareness with software founders through PR activities.
  • Organize an event to build relevant industry relationships.
  • Build a blog to drive organic traffic with SEO.

2. Target

Goals are measurable and define the goal. You may also have heard the term key results or KPIs: t before. The target should be so precise that there is no doubt as to whether you have achieved it or not.

Examples of items are:

  • Publish 20 presses by the end of the third quarter.
  • Host 2 media dinners with key industry players by the end of the third quarter.
  • Post 4 keyword-focused blog posts per month according to our content columns.

3. Messages

Your message conveys the value and benefit to your target audience. If you are planning a search engine optimization campaign or a social media campaign, your target audience is your potential, your leads, and your customers.

Discuss the challenges they face and offer them unique, useful solutions. Keep in mind that content marketing is educational, not just products sold by your business.

If you have a PR campaign, your target audience is really the journalist you are trying to work with. They are looking for a new interesting story; their needs may differ from your potential customers.

Ideally yours messages is very relevant to the people in your target audience.

Consider the location of each campaign in the funnel. What is relevant to someone who has received 10 drip messages may not make sense if someone sees your website for the first time.

4. Promotion

Holly Pels Castedista (founded in 2019) explains: “More brands need to slow down the pace of content and focus on twisting each song to get the best value and return on investment.

“Take a webinar, for example. Marketers worked hard to create these resources, run registrations, and host these events. Once the webinar has taken place, most brands hit them on the website as an “on-demand” feature and let them collect dust.


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“Instead, take different views of the webinar and make it written content. Cut out small portions of the webinar and release edible clips to get people back to the content. Did participants ask questions? Make it blog, social, or even audio and video content. creating an audio series that your audience can listen to during the run.The list goes on.

You don’t have to have a huge budget to have an effective (and good) content marketing strategy. Reuse, content relocation and promotion, especially resonant content for your audience, should be a policy that every content marketer relies on. “

3 factors to improve the effectiveness of content marketing

In a landscape where the barrier to entry is low but the bar is high, there are a few important things to consider if you want to win in content marketing at startup:

  • Focus: Choose a limited number of channels and learn how to do them really well.
  • Quality: It takes time to acquire skills. Don’t focus too much on the metrics during the first weeks / months; focus on producing quality.
  • Consistency: Content marketing is a winning game with a combined effect. Stay on your channel to see exponential returns over time.


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Holly Pels says: “Because content can be such a driving force in so many business areas, too many brands have fallen into the trap of thinking that more content equals better results. In reality, more content usually just means more content, more cost and less efficiency.”

Good content marketing will make you memorable

Ian LuckCustomerGauge’s Chief Marketing Officer (founded in 2007) says, “Early-stage startups should focus on creating their unique market message and then finding like-minded people to buy the message. Be unique and take a stand in the market.”

The power of content marketing is to generate and capture demand. If your content reads like everyone else, you may get a click – but no one will remember you.

Your brand and voice matter. They turn search engine optimization or social click into a potential fan or lead.

Matthew Brew, EduMen’s (founded in 2016) marketing manager rightly said: “Internal resources are crucial. Writing is very revealing – you can read someone’s interest in what he’s writing about. That’s why you need people who are all in your job to be real brand guards, really manifest ( or to process) your tone of voice. “


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Above all, good content marketing is unique. Good content marketing makes it so that you are in your mind when a potential customer starts the buying cycle.

A famous example isopen blogBuffer, where they share their entire startup trip including financial information.

It was unique, took a stand and continues to bring them attention, clicks and customers.

A more recent example is the video series Wynter games started by Wynter, which was founded in 2020.


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Once a month, this live online event covers topics related to B2B marketing.

Content Marketing for Beginners: How to Succeed Early

ConvertKit’s Content Producer Stories is another great example, this blog series featuring artists, journalists and musicians.

ConvertKit also launched a new podcast in 2020 called The future belongs to the creators.

It’s interesting, shareable, and connects the Convert Kit to their target audience.

Content Marketing for Beginners: How to Succeed EarlyContent Marketing for Beginners: How to Succeed Early

Measuring success in the start-up phase: The opposite approach

In the early days of startup, content marketing is a powerful tool to test your offerings and build your first relationships.


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Your goals should be production high quality content and refining your message and offers.

Ellie Mirman From Mulberry (founded in 2018) says, “Remember that the measure of the success of that early content may not be in views, links, or keyword lists, but rather focuses on market validation of ideas / topics.

“Over time, you’ll learn the role of different types of content in your marketing mix – what SEO, care, PR, etc. need – and then you can match your success with each goal.”

Ian Luck adds: “The advantage startups have over agility over larger established organizations. Startups need to focus on creating a community around their unique market situation and outlook – then bringing the fivefold content to market as the closest competitor.”

Once you have learned produces high quality content, you can spend more time tracking traditional marketing data – search rankings, pageviews, conversions, and revenue – more closely.

Content marketing ideas on a small budget

Matthew Brew recommends the creativity of startups and says, “Nothing is out of bounds! From inventing ways to stand out from a social perspective with your employer brand, making influencers from senior executives by asking them for content.”


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Here are some ideas for content marketing ideas on a budget that can lead to immediate results because they leverage platforms that already have an audience:

  • Appears in industry podcasts.
  • Employer branding and employee representation.
  • Speaking at conferences.
  • Hosting or speaking at webinars.
  • Brand partnerships and influence campaigns.
  • Creating a Co-Branded Industry Report.
  • Join an online community (Facebook or LinkedIn groups, Slack, Whatsapp).
  • Creating a campaign in ProductHunt.
  • Listing a store in AppSumo.
  • Producing LinkedIn or Medium articles.
  • Run a targeted information campaign (LinkedIn or email).


Content marketing is a powerful tool for generating and gathering demand – in other words, if you’re exceptionally committed and don’t bother.

Instead of starting a series of initiatives and channels at once, hone your focus. Choose some initiatives that leverage existing audiences to get feedback and first leads for some quick wins.

Then focus on the channels your ideal customer profile loves. Get really good together before you dip your toes into the next one.

Find what works in your unique place in the market and do it again!

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