If you’re ready to start embedding a video on your website, or if you’re trying to get the most out of a video already on your website, this article is for you. We all feel the power of video 92% of marketers saying it is an important part of their strategy, but how can we maximize its effectiveness. What type of video content should you use? There are many types, including video commentators, animated videos, and customer testimonials. You can either rent a studio or take advantage of the free archive material or free sounds, embed your video content.


Let’s start with the header of your website, at the top. Adding a video to the title of your landing page can be a great way to get people’s attention right from the bat. Because the title is right at the top of the page, it’s your first opportunity to make an impression on your potential customers, so it’s important to do it effectively. There is no single right way to do this and much of it comes down to what type of business you are in, but here are a couple of ways to do this and some useful deeds and no.

Put a human face on your product

By showing how real people perceive your product, much can be done to build commitment deeper. This can be a powerful tool to sell tangible products such as beauty products, resorts, medical treatments, etc.

Let’s look at a suitable website that makes excellent use of a simple video tag and great video backgrounds. DadaabTarinat The aim is to raise awareness of the world’s largest refugee camp and share the stories of the people who live there. Its highly personal theme means that using the videos of real live people is appropriate and entices you right away into their experiences.

– They have done many things well in this planning
– The information on the landing page is large, bold, and short to stand out from the video background.
– The video is dimmed on later pages where longer information is required
– The content frame is such that much of the underlying movement does not obscure the text.
– The video content is interesting, but does not completely interfere with the message.

They also don’t have meaningful auto-play on the pages, which can make people “bounce” right from your page.


If the content you offer is less “people-centric,” animation is a great way to illustrate the more abstract aspects of your product to life while avoiding representing certain users of your website. Using an animated commentator on websites and product pages is a great way for technology, design, or industry companies to get the message across quickly and simply.

Websites are not static media, but they have strong business and interactivity, so animated features fit well with this concept. The way people can access and navigate the website while enjoying the relevant content will give a greater impact and hopefully a better connection between the customer and the product.

See the hero’s home page Handwrytten, a service that uses robotic weapons to write handwritten letters. But I hardly needed to tell you right? The landing page says it all, by mixing an image from a handwritten note with simple and sweet animations, we know right away what’s on offer, and the images and movements are used not only for their own purposes, but also to convey value and meaning.

To other pages

These ideas are not just about the landing pages of websites, they can be applied everywhere. Animated commentators are great on the About Us pages, as are video testimonials in general, but each company is unique and your website should reflect your brand message. Try to get inspiration from some creative, interesting websites that affect you and see what aspects of these can be applied to your website.

Just remember that your website is the face you present to your customers and may be the only thing they are dealing with, so make sure you put your best foot forward and make sure your message is in line with your brand strategy.



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