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Google does not use IP ranges to host sites at all.
They mostly focus on the content of the said website.
They’re also shifting their focus from external links, so after a month or two, all those cramped sites with hundreds of links from SEO agencies are dead.
I mean, link spaces were already frowned upon, but Google has been working on their back-end systems.

Google, which uses ribbon IP addresses, is this chain. Do you think WTF means “to be in a good neighborhood”?

By the way, why should you stick with Google? Do they pay to defend them? Why don’t you let Google defend Google? Brand loyalty is something that big companies depend on. They depend on the people who pay them for their defense, which is as absurd as Google decides Internet standards, but big companies do so – like Amazon’s rating and rating system – depend on the buyer advertising the seller by writing a review.

When do you think “brand loyalty” is a “dead” Chaddy?


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