The pace of technological change is accelerating and a lot of new technology and skills are coming. It’s almost unpredictable to tell what technical skill will ask in the future and what will disappear. Some skills are now in high demand, but they were not even a decade ago. As artificial intelligence increases, machine learning, blockchain and robotics technology will change a lot. It is difficult for some new learners to decide which skill to learn and which skill has a good future (for at least 5-10 years). I have searched the internet and written an article to write future demand technology skills. Here are eight (not limited to 8) skills that are now in high demand and will be in demand for at least 5 to 10 years.

This article is based on my personal research from my own experience and information available online. And this is my opinion on the most demanding technical skills of the future.

1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are evolving rapidly and have changed the work environment. Many companies work with artificial intelligence / ML and are looking for highly trained software engineers with expertise in artificial intelligence and ML. Hiring AI / ML professionals has increased between 2020 and 2021. It is one of the hottest jobs right now. Machine learning is one of the most interesting areas of the future. It’s one of the most rewarding skills you can learn. This futuristic skill has many uses from Siri and Alexa to chat robots, from proactive analytics to self-driving cars. Machine learning is also used to predict Covid19 infections in patients. Artificial intelligence and ML are the hottest skills right now, and they won’t go anywhere in the near future. Key skills for learning artificial intelligence and ML include Python, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and C ++.

2. Data processing and analytics
A lot of data is generated on a daily basis, and this huge amount of data is also known as Big Data. Every day, millions of terabytes of data are generated from social networks and other sites. Processing this big data and gaining useful information from this huge amount of data is very beneficial for organizations. The science that provides useful insights into knowledge is known as Data Science. Many industries invest a large amount of their budget in big data to produce useful information about the data. Some of the industries that have a strong impact are banking, manufacturing, professional services, federal governments, and healthcare. LinkedIn and other job portals have shown that it is one of the most demanding skills and its growth is also on the rise. Key data for managing data processing and analytics include Python, R, Data Visualizations tools, SQL, and AWS.

3. Block chain
With the rise of Bitcoin, many people have heard of Blockchain technology and it evolves after the jumps in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. There are platforms that deal with Blockchain services, and Ethereum is taking the lead on these platforms. More and more companies are looking for developers who understand blockchain, smart contracts, and are able to build distributed applications. Some of the key skills in blockchain development are encryption technology, database design, programming languages ​​such as Java, Python, Javascript, Go and C ++.

4. Cloud Computing / DevOps
Cloud computing is on the rise as many companies are moving from there to classic server cloud solutions. According to a Forrester Research report, the global cloud solutions market will grow 35% to $ 120 billion in 2021. Many companies will also build their solutions and applications on the cloud instead of moving later. This shows us that the demand for cloud services and DevOps skills will be high from 2021 onwards. Amazon Web Services is one of those cloud solutions that includes content distribution, database storage, networking and more. Amazon Inc supports AWS and is the largest cloud service platform. Other major platforms include Microsoft Azure and Google GCP.

5. Digital marketing
In this age of the Internet and social media, the online presence of any business is becoming increasingly important. Traditional customs are becoming obsolete and are not effective enough. Over the past two years, many companies have moved online and offer their services online. Companies are always looking for digital marketing professionals to go online and have a presence online. Today, digital marketing is more important than billboards because Facebook and Google control more eyes and these companies generate more revenue than any other media company. Digital marketing expertise includes social media marketing, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, Affiliate Marketing and many more.

6. Full stack development
The site is a combination of both interface and backend development. Frontend is the interface or part of a website that is visible to website visitors. Frontend is designed and developed using HTML / CSS and Javascript for web interface and Java, React Native and Nativescript for mobile interface. There are different frameworks for building frontend applications. Some of the most popular frames are Angular, React and VueJS. Backend is part of a website that is not visible to visitors and is responsible for handling logic and interaction with databases. Different programming languages ​​and databases are used to develop backend APIs. Some of them are Python, C #, NodeJS, PHP, C ++, Java and Ruby on Rails.

A full stack developer is a person who can work both in the interface and in the background. Recent trends and the Stack Flow Developer Survey 2019 show demand for full stack developers, and in the future, developers who can develop a full stack application will be very high.


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