Search engine Land reported that Google told them that Google Partners can now maintain its current position and partner brand until February 2022. This has happened after the requirements for this program have been postponed and then reduced last year.

Carolyn Lyden wrote in the search engine country “All Google partners who meet the new partnership requirements in early February 2022 can get a new ID later in June. When the original program changes were delayed, partners asked Google if they could get new badges if they meet the 2022 requirements before the due date.”

If you look affiliate program dos it says that “current Premier partners will maintain their status until February 2022”. Google added that “as of February 2022, companies must meet affiliate requirements and be among the top 3 percent in each country to become Premier partners. customer growth, customer retention and product diversification. The evaluation is done annually and the space may not be available in all countries. “

Google said requirements page the company “will launch a new Google Partners program in February 2022. In June 2021, eligible partners will receive a new Google Partner badge.”

The changes don’t look much different than ours February 2021 the coverage of this change, which is a good thing:

Performance: The performance requirement helps ensure that you can effectively create and optimize Google Ads campaigns to get the best results for your customers. Your Google Affiliate Ad Manager account must have at least 70% optimization points – you control yourself and can apply or reject recommendations based on your ratings and your clients’ goals.

Consumption: Your Google Partners Registered Ad Manager account must maintain 90 days of $ 10,000 in advertising costs in managed accounts.

Certification: Your Google Partners Registered Ad Manager account must have at least 50% of your Google Ads-certified account strategies (limited to 100 users) and at least one certificate in each product area with campaign costs (such as Search, Display, Video, Shopping, or Apps). Account strategists are employees of your company who manage Google Ads campaigns on behalf of your clients. To tell us how many users in your company have an account strategy and need to be certified based on their day-to-day work, go to the Company Information page of the Partners tab and select from the drop-down menu.

Greg Finn is pleased with the news:

His colleague (maybe) is not happy with the button to check your status 🙂

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