It was a pretty busy week, but to get started I sent a great monthly Google Webmaster Report – stay there for a month. Google released the June 2021 core update on June 2, but most SEOs only knew it on Saturday, June 5, or Sunday, June 6, and they really knew it. This core update may have affected product review sites, but no specific product review update was released. Google may have submitted an update to your local search ranking on Tuesday, June 8th. Google said it has algorithms that target predatory and exploitative websites that produce defamatory content – we call it the Google Predator algorithm. Google told us how it handles multiple variations of anchor text on the same page with the same URL. Google also said it tries to treat the attributes of nofollow, ugc, and sponsored rel links differently. Google also said it understands and places inclusive language correctly. Google doesn’t want you to invest in its investment factors, so stop it with RankBrain. One more reminder, stop spamming Google employees with requests to buy and sell links, it will be used against you. Google said unnatural manual action of links, refusal is not enough. Google added order availability to product structured data labels. Google said you need unique content if model-based content is above skill. Google published more information about adult video content in the Video Best Practices Guide. Google Ads released version 8 of the Ads API. Google partners will be able to keep their current partner badges until February 2022. Google is testing a magnifying glass on the right footer of mobile results. Google has again tested custom query-based background object graphics on Google Search. Google’s inappropriate event is scheduled for two weeks. 20% of you still call the Google Search Console, Google Webmaster Tools, but half of you call Google Ads and Google AdWords. And the big industry news is that iContact bought Moz, was that a good thing? And if you want to help sponsor these vlogs, go to It was search news this week Search engine roundtable.

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