This morning I saw an interesting Tweet of a company called Zipper. The Tweet is what prompted me to write this blog post. Ziplet’s tweet this morning was an interesting exit ticket prompt. Here is the prompt:

“Imagine that a classmate is absent from class today. How would you explain the lesson to him in 25 words or less? “

Zipper is an online tool that lets you create an online classroom to post questions that your students can answer with emojis, words, or by selecting an answer choice. You can let your students respond anonymously or ask them to identify themselves. These features alone do not differentiate Ziplet from many similar services. What Ziplet offers that is somewhat unique is the ability to respond directly to individual students even when they take a group survey. The purpose of this feature is to make it easier to ask follow-up questions or to encourage students based on their answers to a question posed to the whole group.

Applications for education
Zipper fits into a gap between tools like Kahoot and Google Classroom. For this reason, it could be a good tool to engage students in discussions about homework, course topics, or general feeling in the class. Ziplet offers Google Classroom integration as well as Office 365 integration. Students can respond to Ziplet prompts in their computer’s web browser or by using the free Ziplet mobile apps.

This post originally appeared on If you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission. Sites that steal my work (from Richard Byrne) include CloudComputin and WayBetterSite.


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