Technology is an improved path to an unimproved target. Technology is associated with innovation. It involves turning ideas into something useful. Innovation is not limited to creative people and organizations, but also involves the availability of technological and scientific talent. Technology and innovation are synergistic. Technology has definitely changed our lives and for the better.

Looking back in time, we realize how much our lives have changed thanks to the fruits of technology. It has provided us with freedom and less consumption of time and resources. Pointing out a particular technology for the drastic changes in his life is simply not possible. The economic growth of a nation can be measured by the level of technology. This is because a number of factors are responsible for affecting the lifestyle of an individual. The most important factor in deciding how a particular technology works is the presence of competition. One type of technology only seems beneficial until technological advancement does not occur.

The most efficient technology is the mobile phone, and today a day equals a civilization. Due to technological changes, dependence on technology has increased in many folds. Some progress occurs at such a rate that it becomes self-destructive. The ability to convert carbon dioxide into combustible energy is a revolutionary process that, once established, would change our dependence on non-renewable and finite sources.

Over time, internet usage increases rapidly. The World Wide Web literally connects over 700 million people around the world. Advanced technology has improved our means of communication as well as our educational standards. Thanks to technological innovations, an individual can acquire knowledge on any subject at any place and at any time of his life. It enabled the ease of availability of education. He also improvised on ways to meet our needs and meet our expectations. Innovations in today’s technological world can help us solve pressing problems.

The technological revolution has given rise to chat rooms, chat rooms, personalized web pages and online databases. The IT industry has completely changed the outlook for human communication with email, video conferencing, and instant messaging. With the advent of technology, people are building bridges to reduce distances in their minds. A fundamental downside that has happened is that people are becoming lethargic due to the high technological trends. It shortens our attention span. Robotics, automation and computerization are on the move to change our lives. The implementation of robotics will give greater efficiency and cheaper labor, thus increasing the unemployment rate.

Now the other side of technology is not so green. It is only because of improvised technology that we have seen nuclear and atomic wars. It has also led to an increase in pollution as well as corruption. Therefore, one must know how to balance manpower and automation. In the world of automation, cars have created freedom and a concrete jungle. Technology is affecting our near future, so it is our responsibility to streamline it in the right direction.

Source by Tom Schavo


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