Designing a restaurant website, like any business website design, is critical because a restaurant website is often the first meeting a potential diner has in a restaurant. Think about it: how do you decide to go eat, how do you narrow down your decision? Proximity, price, food offered … all the information you will find on the restaurant’s website.

For the restaurant owner, efficient website design sells the food of the restaurant and the experiences it offers, promising a delicious experience to all visitors. If you’re a restaurant owner, an upcoming restaurant owner, or a designer tasked with creating a restaurant website, check out the demos of the restaurants below.

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What a great restaurant website design does

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most charming steakhouse in your city or a little mom and a pop breakfast shop that can only accommodate eight customers at a time. Your restaurant needs a website.


Because your restaurant’s website is its spokesperson, business card, and primary advertising engine online. When people are looking for a place to eat locally, designing a great restaurant website can be the difference between those who decide to eat at your restaurant and go elsewhere.

colorful sushi website design
Website Designer Iconic graphics

The restaurant’s effective website design showcases the restaurant’s brand while providing valuable information. Restaurants can communicate their brand with the same type of design options that other companies use color options, brand voice, lines, logo and fonts.

a green and photo-printed website for a vegan restaurant
Website Designer Something else

Many restaurants go beyond the mere presentation of brands and offerings and make their websites interactive. This is often the case for a fast casual website set up for mobile devices like Chipotle.

Screenshot of Chipotle's website

Online ordering is just one of the features that distinguishes restaurant websites from other companies ’websites. Common features on the restaurant’s website include:

  • Reserving a table
  • Checking the status of the order
  • See the current wait time

Creative interface and interface design can make your website not only attractive but also fun for your visitors. Give them a way to build their own pizza on your website instead of just clicking the ingredients buttons. Allows you to listen to live music at night via streaming. Build a fun widget on your website that allows visitors to win a coupon once a day. These are all ways to build engagement with your audience and get the restaurant to come first the next time they try to decide where to go to eat.

Building such an open brand and commitment to the design of your website will also give potential diners a preview of the look of your restaurant. Caring about the atmosphere before they walk through your front door is important – there are a few things that are disappointing than walking into a restaurant for the first day and finding it in a sports pub rather than a cute neighborhood bistro that looked like it.

Key elements of the restaurant website

A well-designed restaurant website has a lot in common with other well-designed websites. No matter what kind of business a website is, it must have readable text, large and fascinating images and a clear visual hierarchy among other design elements.

But there are also key ingredients in designing a successful restaurant website, and these ingredients are:

Focus on the food

The most important part of all restaurants is FOOD! Food should be in front of and in the middle of your website. That’s why big, high-resolution, visually appealing photos are must be in any restaurant website design.

black website with red accents
Website Designer F. George

Of course, your website should be a feature all it makes you unique, like an unparalleled atmosphere, your location in a historic building, your party or the innovative use of technology, but despite all these offerings, your food is a real star. Don’t sell it with short photos, low-quality photos, or focus on anything other than food.

Turn navigation into a piece of cake

Navigation must be simple and intuitive. A visitor should never think about how to get around your website and find the information they are looking for.

colorful pasta restaurant website design with bowls of pasta
Website Designer set4net

When it comes to navigation, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Add a navigation bar to the title, footer, or either vertical edge of your website. Or if you really want to indulge in something fun, try the burger menu.

The thing is, no matter what type of navigation you use, you have to get to it be clear and obvious, and it must make sense to users right away.

Provide all important information

As a restaurant owner, you are likely to answer all of these questions often, possibly even daily:

  • Where do you live?
  • How can I order?
  • What is your phone number?
  • Where can I see your menu?
  • What are your specialties?
  • How can I make a reservation?
  • What’s on the menu?

When someone calls just to ask one of these questions, there is time you spend away from the kitchen, dining room, and diners who order, eat, and pick up a pickup. That time adds up.

orange and wood-colored website for a chicken restaurant
Website Designer Idris k

Designing your restaurant’s website can save you a lot of time by making all of this information immediately available. You can do this by adding information to the title that does not change, such as your address and phone number, and adding the information does other things like your daily bids, scroll bar, home page slide, or home page pop-up.

Your website should also display your menu in a prominent place.

We cannot guarantee that this will end all calls with questions … but ideally it reduces their number.

Celebrate on this restaurant website

Bar Isabel

screenshot from Bar Isabel's website

Bar Isabel’s website keeps it simple and focuses on food. All the information you need is right there on the short home page: where the restaurant is located, what’s on the menu, options to book a table and order a pick-up and most importantly, a slideshow of artistic photos showing the restaurant’s interior and exterior, food and food team work. It has a clean look; no distracting backgrounds or animations here. Just a simple website that covers everything a visitor needs.

Michi Ramen

screenshot from Michi Ramen

Simplicity is a great thing on Michi Ramen’s website. Once you’ve scrolled through the mouth-watering image of the ramen bowl, you’ll get a quick picture of ordering your bowl. If you’ve never had ramen before (or if you’ve never had ramen that wasn’t in a freeze-dried block before), this graphic makes ordering from Michi Ramen very simple.

And those photos! There aren’t many photos, but they don’t have to be. See the About page for a delicious rewind of ramen ingredients.

Son of a bitch

Batard's website

Your visit to the website begins by watching the protagonist select a bottle of wine from thousands of Bâtard shelves. Follow him to the restaurant where he sits opposite the woman, spinning her wine and spinning a fork as spaghetti food.

It’s a short but compelling story. Bâtard’s website showcases the brand they have built to offer a giant selection of wines in a cool, intimate setting. Scroll down and see photos of dishes and options for booking private wine tasting events. We love its storytelling and how Bâtard looks rather than tells in a great video.


screenshot from Claro's website

Going to this website is like watching a movie. You’ll see it all: close-ups of delicious dishes, behind-the-scenes teams working hard in the kitchen, honest excerpts from diners laughing and enjoying themselves, and action scenes from bartenders shaking custom cocktails. The film is overlaid with cool white text with different information in different parts of the screen.

Each page has a full photo background, and the gallery page has a camera roll of goodies. Full website Claro; gives visitors a sense of the look and feel of the restaurant, while conveying the atmosphere they can expect while visiting, as well as the food.


screenshot from Kikunoi's homepage

Like the other restaurant sites on this list, the Kikunoi website puts big, colorful photos in front of and in the middle of the food. Photos vary between food photos and the green surroundings of the main restaurant. We also like how this website prompts you to go through it. It’s simple, but that little “scrolling” title feels like a nice conversation with a restaurant.


screenshot from Malai website

An ice cream bar is a kind of restaurant, right? We really love how this website uses colors and movement. Scroll down the front page and you’ll be treated to warm, contrasting photos and blocks of text moving in the opposite parallax as a white mandala in the center of the page.

One great feature of the Malay website is their Recipes section. Here you will find recipes for all kinds of delicacies, such as French toast and brownies, which either contain or combine Malai with unique ice creams.

Web design is so good, you eat it right away

No matter what kind of business you have, a well-designed website is must. There are many ways to get a website. A great website designer can create a restaurant website design that is both effective and beautiful. Collaborate with a designer with experience in making delicious restaurant sites that get visitors in your mouth.

Want to have the perfect website for your restaurant?

Work with talented designers to make it happen.


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