The future of the technology world has set the course for digitalisation. This futuristic revolution paved the way for a cryptocurrency. The concept of encryption currency is very simple and is a method of payment to customers in digital marketing. The rise of the cryptocurrency currency has introduced many financial applications and platforms. Non-convertible tokens are the latest encryption platform that has gained immense popularity among the encryption community.

What are unburned marks?

Non-exchangeable tokens, also known as NFT, are a digital certificate of digital product authenticity. It can also be represented as a digital asset on a platform. NFTs are unique and identical and cannot be traded because each NFT has a certain value. Blockchain technology has taken cryptographic projects to the next level. Non-exchangeable characters are built into the blockchain network. This powerful technology securely stores user purchase transaction information. Thus, it eliminates fraudulent activities such as data replication, manipulation and deletion.

NFTs can be represented as music files, image files, audio files, domain names, trading cards, virtual properties, etc. Non-exchangeable codes can be presented anywhere as a physical resource that is digitized. NFTs in the cryptographic world are in large numbers, and there are many varieties that cannot be replaced. CryptoPunk is the first type that cannot be changed and has gained immense popularity in the beginning. The integration of NFT into the gaming world has increased the popularity of NFT among the public. This rapid rise in popularity has led large business models to take a keen interest in the world of NFT. Many business units have moved on to develop their own types of NFTs and exchange them in the market to generate profits. We at Blockchain App Factory provide NFT services for business models interested in developing their own NFT networks, such as CryptoPunks.

Why is CryptoPunk so popular?

CryptoPunk is the first non-replaceable type created by Larva Labs. This type of NFT is a 24 × 24-dimensional, 8-bit slideshow. These images represent London punk-style characters with distinctive character design. There are about 10,000 ticks, where all ticks are unique. The primary reason for its popularity is due to the ticks available on the platform, all of which are unique and distinctive, and it was in the early stages of NFT’s development, its distinctive features capturing the public interest.

Our development services for creating NFTs like CryptoPunks

  • We first analyze the requirements and examine what types of non-replaceable IDs the customer wants to create.
  • We utilize our expertise in blockchain technology and offer a suitable solution.
  • We integrate a digital wallet that is compatible with the selected blockchain technology.
  • The specified NFT type has been developed by our NFT development team and the framework is built by our user interface team.
  • A description of NFT, such as CryptoPunks, has been added, which includes Price Range, Offer Period and Availability.
  • In the last step, testing is done to eliminate errors and produce a smooth operation signal, and the new NFTs created are introduced in the encryption market.

The future of non-flammable signs

The unpopularity has been huge for non-reimbursable tokens. Support for this type of encryption service is provided by a huge number of well-known business models, celebrities and social influencers on a large scale. It gives a common public interest in selling and buying digital assets on the Marketplace platform.

In the near future, NFTs like CryptoPunks are expected to conquer the world of digital marketing as everything has been digitized recently. In the old days, the trade in art and property was very difficult due to the absence of a third party or a central body. Non-exchangeable tokens completely eliminate the presence of third-party intermediaries because they are distributed and built into the block chain, thus providing a smooth transaction experience for users.

Why rent a Blockchain App Factory?

Blockchain App Factory is one of the most skilled NFT development companies in the world of encryption. We have professional experience in developing NFTs such as CryptoPunks. In the past, we have developed many non-replaceable logos and NFT marketplaces for customers. Our blockchain expertise in this area is unmatched. We develop digital IDs on various blockchain platforms such as TRON, EOS, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, etc. Our primary goal is to develop an encryption project according to our customers ’specifications. The technical information desired by the customer is also combined with our own features to make encryption more efficient. At Blockchain App Factory, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best post-deployment and marketing services so they can take newly developed NFTs like CryptoPunks to a new level. We provide 24 × 7 round-the-clock services to our customers and ensure that they become the best business model in encrypted mode. Contact us soon to use our NFT development services!


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