A successful landing page is one of the foundations of a successful online business. Without it, you can’t turn website visitors into paying customers. Without enough customers, you can’t earn enough revenue to keep your business running, let alone thriving.

For all its importance, not all entrepreneurs and marketers invest the time and energy it takes to create much landing pages. One of the obstacles is ignorance, which causes a website to transform in the first place.

This article will change that by discussing how to make a good landing page that collects sales and activity.

Let’s start with some of the essential parts of the landing page.

What is a high-performing landing page?

Landing pages are specialized websites that serve one purpose: convert visitor.

Conversion in this context means that a person performs an action that we want him or her to do. This function is usually the purchase of a product or service. However, it can also be watching a webinar, scheduling a call, selecting a mailing list, or downloading trial software.

Therefore, a high-performing landing page is simply one that converts a large percentage of visitors.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “but what’s considered a high conversion rate?”

Good question. To answer this, it is useful to look at the average conversion rates of the industries at the starting level.

By Cancel the 2021 earnings comparison report, the average median conversion rate in 16 industries is 4.88%. This means everything else, which is a solid conversion rate. If you want to go a step further, you also need to compare yourself to your industry’s average landing page conversion rate.

Once you know your goal conversion rate, you’ll get a goal. But how to get there?

What should you include on a high-performing landing page?

Take a look at the best conversion landing page examples and you’ll find that they always have a few essential building blocks. In short, these are:

A strong headline is essential because it grabs the user’s attention and entices them to read the rest of your landing page.

  • A unique selling proposition

This is the big “why” of your landing page. That’s a big reason why a user should buy from you or take extra action on your page. Here you should explain what makes your offer unique.

Elements such as graphics or video add excitement to your landing page so you don’t strain the user. However, it is important that it complements the page itself and does not skip it.

The conversion depends on one thing – getting users to trust you. You can do this by providing a wealth of evidence such as customer reviews, proxies, and recommendations.

You need to provide one clear action that the user needs to perform. Examples are filling out a form or adding a product to a shopping cart.

Creating a conversion landing page

Start with a compelling title

The title is a violation of your entire landing page offer. Its job is to capture a person’s attention and tell them why it’s important that they read the landing page. If people don’t read past the headline, no matter how great the rest of your landing page is.

Making a killer title should be mandatory. It needs to arouse the user’s curiosity or desire so much that he drops everything to read your landing page.

But at the same time, it must be as clear and concise as possible. The best headlines are interesting but straightforward. It’s not an easy task, which is why you should spend a decent amount of time creating amazing headlines.

Targeted call to action

It is important that there is only one user task on the landing page. Everyone on your site needs to focus and serve one goal.

One mistake most landing pages make is placing too many prompts on the page. They might ask people to buy, then order and maybe download something. The idea is to hit multiple goals on one page, but it’s not a strong strategy. Most of the time, people get confused and leave the page completely.

Your call to action must also be easy to understand but convincing. Specify exactly what the user needs to do and what results they can expect.

Remove the risk element

All transactions are always risky for the buyer. This is because they may not always get value for their money. If your landing page can reduce or reverse the risk, it can significantly improve your conversion rate.

A lot of social certification is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do this. The idea is that when managers see that other people are happy with your offer, there’s a good chance they’ll like it too. You can also provide different types of evidence, such as identification or tracking information, to prove that you are a real trade.

However, there is no risk other than providing guarantees. Terms such as money back or return guarantees eliminate the buyer’s risk because they can always get their money back if they are not happy with the product or service.

Focus on the user experience

If you want to convert a site visitor, it is essential to provide a positive user experience. Everyone needs to be intuitive and straightforward, without confusion. It all starts with good user interface design.

This is how building landing page templates that receive clicks.

First, include only photos and videos that support the post. Avoid overloading your landing page with too many elements, contrasting colors, or unnecessary menus. Remember that your call to action must be the star of the show.

Good visual elements are explanatory videos and an image of your product or service. These can really raise your conversion rates.

It would be best if you also focused on the “scannability” of your landing page. This means that the content is structured and organized so that the user understands your offer while browsing it.

On the last day, as more and more people use smartphones, don’t forget the mobile reactions to your landing page.

The landing page is useless without traffic

Even the best landing pages won’t change if they don’t attract enough qualified traffic. Lead generation and advertising are important, and here link abbreviations like Bitly help.

Shorten your landing page links a bit to make your email, newsletter, and ads easy to share. You can also add UTM parameters to track traffic sources to further optimize your marketing campaigns.

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