There is probably no other asset class that could earn or lose a lot of money as fast as in the cryptographic market. Compared to stocks, bonds or other assets, cryptocurrencies are still characterized by huge price fluctuations.


On the other hand, extreme volatility is a significant barrier as it prevents some institutional investors from setting foot in the secret market because the risks are estimated to be too high. On the other hand, cryptographic currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Co provide strategic investors with a nose for good investments that address and understand application scenarios for tokens. technical analysis raise huge profit potential.

These 5 cryptocurrencies are an example of how many thousands of percent huge returns can be achieved in the bull market. Investors should therefore not only look at the price of Bitcoin, but also take some time for exciting Altcoins.

Dogecoin: 12.330 percent return per year

Funny tag Dogecoin has developed a crazy development that has probably left skilled analysts speechless and no one expected. DOGE / USD has given early investors who have already invested in altcoin in June 2020 a sleep return of more than 12,000 percent. An incredible value that is hardly possible with stocks or other investments.

Meanwhile, DOGE / USD is taken seriously in the cryptography world and is also listed on major cryptocurrencies such as Coinbase. Following its massive price increase, Dogecoin is now one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in terms of market value. Altcoin is currently valued at nearly $ 42 billion and is thus ranked 6th. Only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano and stablecoin Tether are currently even higher than this funny character.

Who only a year ago Invested $ 500 in its cryptocurrency, can now expect more than $ 60,000 in their account. That is significantly more than the average annual salary of an employee in Germany.

Dogecoin owes its tremendous growth above all to one man: Elon Musk came to Twitter as Dogecoin fans and helped altcoin achieve its rise with various tweets. One of the richest and probably most influential people in the world announced, among other things, that he had bought Dogecoin for his son and even brought DOGE as a means of payment for Tesla.

Whether the incredible rise in DOGE / USD continues will largely depend on whether Musk and his large community, which includes other celebrities, remain loyal to altcoin.

Kusama: More than 8,000 percent profit for investors

Altcoin Kusama also grew significantly in 2020/2021. Over the past 12 months, KSM / USD investors should expect a sharp rise in value, around 8,200 percent.

Again, even with a small one An investment of only $ 100 are already making significant profits. Invested $ 100 a year ago now brings at least $ 8,200 to the account and $ 1,000 investment that would be $ 82,000. This could easily fund, for example, a luxury sports car or a trip around the world.

Kusama is an experimental version of the polkadot. Kusama was developed to test and improve scalability and interoperability functions before using them in the Polkadot network.

In terms of price development, however, Kusama easily exceeds Polkadot. In the one-year comparison period, DOT / USD “only” achieved a good 500 percent growth.

Polygon: MATIC / USD explodes at 6,500 percent

The cryptocurrency MATIC (Polygon) has also been an insane profit opportunity for investors in 2020/2021. This is the Ethereum logo. The Polygon network provides a scaling solution for Ethereum and is designed to make transactions in the Ethereum block chain faster and cheaper.

In the past, investors repeatedly complained about high gas charges on the Ethereum network. A polygon could be a groundbreaking solution here using layer 2 side chains. These are block chains that run in parallel with the main chain of Ethereum. Ethereum users can pay for their Ethereum IDs for a smart contract through Polygon, then use them through Polygon and, if necessary, pay them back and return them to Ethereum’s backbone.

Polygon (MATIC) is the Ethereum ID on which Ethereum’s scaling solution Polygon Network is based. Polygon aims to speed up and downgrade Ethereum transactions by using Layer 2 side chains. These are block chains that run in parallel with the main chain of Ethereum. Users can pay for Ethereum IDs for a Polygon smart contract, use them in Polygon and later delete them and enter them back into the Ethereum main chain. The MATIC logo is used to pay transaction fees and to participate in the consensus test.

Who a year ago Has invested $ 10,000 in Polygon, could now expect a large sum of $ 650,000 in his account. For example, depending on the residential area, you can buy a stylish home.

TFuel: Theta rises more than 6,000 percent

TFuel investors have also done a really good business. The Theta ecosystem utility is used, for example, as a means of payment for video streaming. Because the Theta blockchain has set itself the goal of creating a distributed infrastructure that improves video streaming for users. Huge future markets such as the success stories of Netflix, Amazon Prima & Co. show.

TFuel has already risen to a price increase of more than 6,000 percent and a new all-time high was reached just two days ago. Smart investors who were there early and invested $ 2,000, for example, are now getting a return of € 130,000. That would be enough for one or another extended shopping round or a nice extra amount for retirement security.

Solana: 6000 percent growth, real sunshine for investors

Solana currently rounds out the top five in the best encryption market. The price of SOL / USD has risen by about 6,100 percent in 12 months. Bitcoin investors could only dream of it. With a deposit of only 10 euros, the banknote brought 610 euros into the account. A stylish weekend getaway for pizza placement is already included.

Solana Blockchain aims to become one of the leading platforms for smart contracts. A special thing is the consensus mechanism Proof of history. Solana has built a kind of distributed block chain clock with which all network nodes can communicate in a hurry during events. The Solana block chain is known for its fast processing time and low fees.


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