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By following unveils iOS 15 and with all its exciting new features, Apple has officially announced this year’s Apple Design Awards for Best Application Developers in terms of design, innovation, social impact, joy and inclusion.

“Job these developers embody the central role of applications and games in our daily lives, “said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of global developer relations.

Look this year’s 12 winners below. Plus, check out Apple the most innovative applications from 2021.

Sound dream reader by Voice Dream LLC (United States)

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This text to speech the app is able to read text aloud from any digital source, be it a PDF, website or e-book – and in over two dozen languages. Plus, with its customizable audio feature, you can choose one that has the perfect tone, accent and speed for the best sound experience.

HoloVista by Aconite (United States)

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HoloVista Is a gaming experience with a wealth of accessibility features, including options for motion detection, text size, contrast, and the intensity of visual effects. Considering each individual’s preferences allows it to offer unique and individually customizable gameplay.

Pok Pok game room by Pok Pok (Belgium)

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This colorful the animated app appeals to users with its playful design. Its great haptics and sound effects provide fun and interaction for children of all ages (and even adults!), While they are a much-needed starting point for creativity and experimentation.

Little Orpheus by The Chinese Room (United Kingdom)

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With surprises at every turn, Little Orpheus offers a delightful, fun gaming experience through comic dialogue and excellent storytelling. Its diverse range of balances makes it a great gaming app for beginners and advanced players.

Carrots Weather by Brian Mueller, Grailr LLC (United States)

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Carrots Weather is a colorful, hilarious weather forecast program that brings sunshine to even the most miserable days. It has recently been expanded to support all Apple platforms, making its experience richer and more accessible. Enjoy clever weather forecasts and plenty of great widgets for your homepage.

Bird alone by George Batchelor (Canada)

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Bird alone combines gestures, haptics, parallax, and dynamic sound effects to provide the user with the most immersive application experience possible. Considering real weather, season and time, this game takes interaction to a whole new level with integrated notifications, graphics and music.

Be my eyes by S / I Be My Eyes (Denmark)

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Be my eyes is a breakthrough application that allows blind and partially sighted people to identify objects in their daily lives. By connecting them to volunteers around the world, the app allows more than 300,000 blind and partially sighted users to get support with their camera alone, using more than 4.5 million volunteers around the world.

Alb by S / I ustwo games (United Kingdom)

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Experience positivity save our environment Alb. In an effort to save local wildlife, clean up debris and repair buildings around the city in the game, the app tells users a story of community, activism and kindness. In addition, one tree from each downloaded game will be planted to support Madagascar’s afforestation project.

Loona by Loóna Inc (Belarus)

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Loona Is a fascinating app for those struggling with insomnia. With soothing animated sleep alarm sessions – combining relaxing functions, immersive storytelling and atmospheric sounds – the app creates an all-encompassing soothing experience that puts users to sleep.

Genshin influence by miHoYo Limited (China)

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Genshin influence is an application that is no stranger to active smartphones. In immersive landscapes with their amazing battle scenes, users can configure motion blur, shadow quality, and frame rate settings based on what monsters they fight.

NaadSadhana by Sandeep Ranade (India)

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NaadSadhana Is a studio-quality production app for musicians of all genres and expertise. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Core ML, the app listens to the singer and provides instant feedback on the accuracy of the notes, as well as producing a backing vocal to match the song.

League of Legends: Wild Rupture by Riot Games (United States)

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LoL: Wild rupture manages to take a complex PC game and re-imagine it on a smartphone. Players are completely immersed League of Legends with the universe’s unique touch screen controls, mobile camera settings, and auto-focus system to help new players.

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