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Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection feature is bad news for email marketers, Twitter wants you to pay a monthly fee for platform improvements, and more!

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Apple’s email privacy feature

The controversial new feature restricts advertisers and email providers from collecting email tracking pixels from their subscribers. This change prevents marketers from seeing important engagement information for subscribers who use the Mail app on iOS and Mac computers.

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Twitter Blue is released in Canada and Australia

Twitter users who pay a monthly fee for a Twitter Blue subscription will have access to additional features and tools. Offers include Undo Tweet button, bookmark folders, reader mode for Twitter threads, custom support, and customizable color themes and app icons.


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Take a week

Despite Tim HalloranComplaints about the advertising platform, Facebook’s revenue continues to rise.


A survey by Amalia Fowler shows that many marketers would like to arrange a handover meeting with the last office of the account.


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Flash round

We answer your burning digital marketing questions.

  • Who can’t use customer targeting in Google Ads?
  • What is optimized targeting in Google Ads?
  • When will Google My Business names be disabled?
  • Where might you soon see car ads?
  • Why is Mark Zuckerberg at the good mercy of Facebook Creators?
  • How will the sites work after the June 2021 update?

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