So when about half of you call Google Ads, Google AdWords, only 20% of you call the Google Search Console, Webmaster Tools. I did a survey for both to see if the new brand is closed and clearly, it will take time, but the new brand will stay closed for the most part.

Google’s new Webmaster Tools (formerly Sitemaps) 6 years ago Google Search Console. However, Google Ads only got the brand 3 years ago, plus the AdWords name has been much longer than the Webmaster Tools name.

Despite this – I got over 1,600 votes in this Twitter poll and 20% of you said you still called it Google Webmaster Tools, but 80% of you call it the Google Search Console.

Here is the survey:

Here is a screenshot if it doesn’t download for you:

I was wondering why another 20% of you still call it Webmaster Tools? Is it because Bing calls it Webmaster Tools?

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