A collection of good backgrounds is loved by every designer. Using a fixed wallpaper can speed up the design and save a lot of preliminary work. If we talk about space background, they are very special and fun to use. If you look at it from a psychological perspective, space backgrounds give the audience a sense of peace and sincerity. It makes them unite in the universe and awakens their intellectual side. Naturally, there is a different design fan in the space background who wants to play on psychological and philosophical grounds.

And in general, a high-quality spatial image can really add shine and depth to a design. Here, we’ve gathered some awesome custom backgrounds that any designer can use for any purpose. These 22 space backgrounds are perfect for taking your design to an unexpected level.

This absolutely beautiful picture is of Juan. It’s a great image that you can use as a space. A blue night with a plain sky makes it very simple but stylish. There are many bright stars in this picture and a feeling early in the morning or late in the evening. It gives you ample opportunity to implement your ideas and elements – so overall, very doable and versatile background for different designs.

space backgrounds for designers: vibrant and cloudy background

This background is attractive and free to download. You can see an abstract image of the sky, clouds and stars. Its shades of blue, purple and pink make this background a very calm but interesting image to use in trendy or smart design. Smooth clouds with an overlapping star layer give this background a kind of dramatic vibe that can be bold and intense.

Space backgrounds for designers: Red Striking Ball

This charming background was written by Alexander Andrews. It’s a beautiful picture an excellent contrast that can implement any creative design. Here we can see a black night with a striking red ball or planet. The color transitions and stars are simply seamless in this image. There are no unnecessary elements to make this background superior. It can certainly work with stationery or creative content related templates.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds:

This is a package of ten unique space backgrounds you can buy to make your design project healthy. You get ten beautiful space backgrounds great color combinations and drawings of the space in one purchase. They are all professionally designed and high quality images that allow you to effectively make your posters, websites, apps, presentations, brochures and many other designs uniquely unique and rich.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: Glowing night

It is a wonderful background from Kristi Pargeter. Combining simplicity and imagination pays really well with this picture. Simple white and black colors a glowing gradient effect the planet and its satellite create soothing moods through the eclipse description of this image. The stars don’t make a direct impact, but they elevate this design in a more subtle way. You can use this great background to create gentle and ready-made design themes.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: Red planet

This background fully demonstrates the designer’s artistic approach. There are many interesting factors in this well-designed and well-constructed image. You can see monochrome color palette in bright red, which is probably a bit unusual in space. The astronaut, the planets, and the whole perspective provide the perfect place to make your knowledge the center of attention. This background is very creative, unique and modern for experiments and trendy designs.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: A creative galaxy

The image of the galaxy is always loved in the backgrounds of space. And this galaxy background is so unique that it’s worth mentioning. It looks like an image taken from the camera lens with blurred vision. And a light glare makes the galaxy image more unique and fun. This background is calm colors and beautiful depth. We can say that the small lights represent the image of the galaxy as vision blurs against this background. Indeed a very thoughtful and exciting concept.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: heavy space

This background is massive and complex. Here it looks like a sci-fi and artistic theme with vibrant colors and lots of elements. Clouds, stars, and a variety of brilliant planets easily create an image of a fantasy world with a dramatic approach. The whole composition is beautiful and very creative, which can create the perfect backdrop for huge hero posters, games, books, suggestions and all sorts of dramatic and exciting designs.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: Sharp Milky Wave

Milky Waves are a very beautiful part of the space. And in this background, they play a significant role. We have a dark blue night full of beautiful stars and a bright milky wave. You can keep this as a basic, neutral, and versatile background, so you can easily use this image for a strong background creative project.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: Beautiful sunrise

In organizations, the space background of the earth and the sun is always used in their websites, presentations, presentations, etc., so that the growth or beginning of a brand can be linked to an eternal bond. And this background is perfect for such purposes. It has a beautiful rising image of the sun that looks very real and fresh. This space background can serve many professional design projects. It is simple and classic, but very ideal for some requirements.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: Ground

Against this background is an image of the earth from space, and it looks stunning. Those lights on the ground make this background more realistic and attractive. Such a background is useful for designers who create technical and sophisticated designs. Be it a website or a magazine; you can confidently choose this background to convey an important message. Creative designers are always happy with space backgrounds with unique images or designs of the earth.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: Spherical vapors

This background is such a creative pleasure. You can clearly see the hard work and effort behind the concept, idea and illustration. Soft colors and vapors are the core elements of this background. The planet and the clouds are nothing more than an example of vapors. Some little sparkling wine stars add drama and impact to this graphic image on top of everything. Overall, it’s a great background to match artistic projects.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: Starry night

Here you get ten amazing space wallpapers for use in your various models. In this package, all images are high quality and professionally designed. Everyone likes the starry sky and the galaxies in the background as they search for space background. This is a stunning set of backgrounds in dark and deep colors, creating the illusion of depth and realism in the images. You should definitely go for it if you want a whole set of space backgrounds for your own project.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: black and white

The basic background of the galaxy always has the largest possible audience because it fills the background element of space very clearly and efficiently, and any kind of design can be built into it. This black and white background has a beautiful white galaxy and so many glittering stars that make this graphic simple but powerful. You can use this to support another background or build your design with multiple elements.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: Asteroids

It’s an incredibly gorgeous background. The whole picture shows how huge the space is very creatively. On this exciting background there are many twilight shades in the sun and a long ring of small and large asteroids. It is very peaceful but at the same time breathtaking. You can surprise your audience with this background, because usually people don’t expect an asteroid ring as the background of space.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: pink light

An excellent black background is something that can provide a solid but free base to make the overall shape stand out. In this background is a black space with a small abstract planet image in the center. There aren’t many colors in the whole model, but there are several colorful stars of different sizes that fill the gap. This kind of combination of abstract and straightforward background can help you a lot in your background collection.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: Watercolor galaxy

This list would have been incomplete without a painting background. Artists love to take up space for paintings. And this watercolor galaxy background is a beautiful hint of painting. It’s a free vector, which means you can use it for any of your designs without any fees. Blue, black and purple are the most common and promising colors in space. And in this picture we can see a large combination of such shades with small stars.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: The outside world in 3D

This 3D background of space from outer space is very refreshing and comical. When dealing with models related to knowledge and education, or your audience is young people and children, such a background becomes a good help. It has glossy colors, stars and rays, which makes it more fun and interesting. You can use it for any purpose or add certain changes to better suit your design.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: Abstract space

The different color palette of the space images adds a more creative perspective to the overall image. And this background has a lot of beautiful colors except black and blue. It is a creative image with abstract clouds and stars with a hazy effect. You can take it as a basic background that can be perfect for complex designs and busy layouts. Designers use this kind of background for professional websites, presentations, cover pages, invitations, etc.

Space backgrounds for designers: 4. Fog space backgrounds: pink plate

This attractive pink space background has very interesting elements. It has unique and attractive colors with rings and planets that give the illusion of a frame. So you get excellent elements that can support the design and also add another perspective. You can use it for different brand designs as it has subtle colors and soothing light.

We have curated this list for designers in all fields. Be it a website, advertisement, banner, brochure, image or any design; these space backgrounds can take any shape. There are so many different styles and categories in space imagery. And you’ll find stunning photos, artwork, or fusion images related to galaxies and stars. The space backing of stars and amazing colors can create a bright spot for the entire design model.

You can do many things with colors, graphics, text, and images to experiment with space backgrounds. Whenever you want to create a solid foundation to present your design with a little adventure, maturity, or a glimpse of knowledge, finding space backgrounds would be a wonderful choice. So use these aforementioned selected space backgrounds or be inspired by them for your amazing designs.



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