YouTube has enabled a new update which allows content producers to place additional features, such as midroll ad breaks, end screens, data cards, etc., while processing their video, which can prove to be a significant time saver in the app.

YouTube Conorina Kavanagh explains in the clip above that the new process saves authors time by allowing them to include these processes in the download stream instead of having to wait until the video is fully available before adding these features.

It may not seem like a significant addition, but like anyone who posts YouTube clips on a regular basis, this is a great help.

Not only is it time saved in this regard, it’s a workflow – sometimes when you start uploading a video and you have to leave it, you can interfere with other tasks and forget to add all these extra elements, or you can complete adding subtitles for words late because you have to return to the task later.

The update fixes this and is a welcome change for YouTube content producers. The new option is now available in the YouTube Studio process.

In addition to this, Kavanagh also confirms the YouTube announcement earlier this week that shorts are now available in 23 new areas.

TechCrunch said on Monday that shorts will be available soon users in the UK, Canada and Latin America in addition to India and the US.

complete list Extended deployment also includes the Cayman Islands, Aruba and Bolivia – you can check all the countries where shorts are now available here.


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