When optimizing IT workloads, it is important to first follow the cloud service. Your business should adapt its IT workload to the best cloud service platform. Whether you choose a public or private cloud solution, it is important to follow industry best practices. Such as using KPIs, focusing on costs, and user experience to see what works best for your cloud infrastructure.

In our blog today, we’re here to guide you on why your business should adapt its IT workload to a cloud solution to ensure optimized performance, availability, and agility. Continue reading for more information.

Define the unique requirements of your IT workloads

An important first step is to determine what unique requirements your business wants to manage your IT workload in the cloud. Now it’s time to check which KPIs are important, what your budget looks like, and how you use your cloud infrastructure.

If your business is looking for a cloud solution that provides self-management, while security and compliance are less of a concern, you may want to consider a public cloud service for IT workloads. Public clouds provide shared hardware to minimize operating costs. Users can use a wide range of languages, tools and services cost-effectively.

If security and compliance are at the heart of your business, a private cloud can best suit your needs. A single tenant environment gives businesses all the benefits of a public cloud service, as well as better security and more scalable cloud resources. With a private cloud solution, your business can choose an on-premises private cloud. This means that your business could locate and maintain the physical infrastructure in the location of your choice. Or it is possible to choose a Hosted Private Cloud, leaving all the physical infrastructure for the cloud service of your choice. It depends on your business requirements and what you plan to achieve with your IT workloads in the cloud.

Choose a cloud service you trust

Choosing a reliable cloud provider is one of the most important decisions you make for a cloud solution. You want to make sure your IT workloads are placed correctly on the infrastructure you choose. Have you chosen a public cloud or private cloud, it is important that your cloud provider understands.

Take the time to check that they follow industry best practices and consider the equipment to meet industry standards. Check that they provide adequate security and that they comply with even the strictest data privacy laws. To find the right cloud solution, it is important that your service provider is on the same page.

Are you considering using IT workloads in a cloud solution? We’ve been using and participating in OpenStack since 2011, so it’s safe to say we know OpenStack. Contact the experts at VEXXHOST for more information on how we can help you get started.


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