Let’s talk about the submarine’s patent, which is now in the public domain, without any foreign government caring since they’ve been building them for years. Since my grandfather built the first Ring Gyro at Stanford Research years ago, I think it’s wise to discuss these things in a modern context. The device he built is now called a laser ring gyro inertial guidance system which is not the size of the original, the first ever built by my grandfather was six feet in diameter and six feet high and was used in a submarine after its development. . Today, you can make one in a small box with a computer chip that is about 3 inches by three inches. Proving Moore’s Law in more ways than one. So if you had to build a submarine now, how would you do it? What would feed him? What would be its limits in terms of performance? Could he also fly? Go to earth? Who would you pay to build it? How fast could this go? Well, we could use a hydrogen fuel cell, actually it has been done before and by the way it works fine. No more, Red October, here’s a little bit of history leading up to this discussion that you might find rather interesting.


Part of this is important to me because my uncle was in charge of a nuclear submarine in the past. Yes, I know an interesting family, don’t I? There are so many cool designs for submarines and underwater exploration vehicles and they run on all kinds of different ideas;


[http://www.fuelcelltoday.com/FuelCellToday/IndustryInformation/IndustryInformationExternal/IndustryInformationDisplayArticle/0], 1168,471.00.html

You see those damn Germans are always building something cool, but then again, so are we;



and if anyone thinks we don’t have submarine superiority like we have air superiority


so they smoked too much Iraqi weed. In a comparison of possible propulsion units, one might ask why not use this hydrogen cell technology wherever air is not needed. Bingo.


that’s exactly my opinion on it. You know it’s really not a revelation because we’ve known about this technology for years;




I mean submarines have been around since before the Civil War and hydrogen cell technology around the turn of the 1900s, right? So let’s compare the types of propulsion that can be used in submarines? How about like a bicycle, the power of people? Of course, this has already been done.


and since then we have come up with many different types of propulsion all with different characteristics for anti-detection, efficiency, speed and power against currents.




[http://www.fas.org/nuke/space/c01intro.htm] .

Did you know that even Pakistan has submarines and nuclear weapons? Scary thought, isn’t it?


And Taiwan too


That’s why we need fast satellites and unmanned submarines to intercept if necessary. But it’s difficult, which is why drug dealers use underwater remotes to import drugs so no one can detect them; they obviously have the budget;



and we are now finding ways to prevent that from happening too.



There are so many uses for submarines in underwater mining, marine life expeditions, sunken treasure hunters, military security, building underwater bases, and more.




The operation of a submarine is actually very simple. This may explain its many variations;


Submarines are huge benefits for mankind

Source by Lance Winslow


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