Video screenshot via Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, the actor, an Aviation American Gin stakeholder and father of three, has come up with a special cocktail for all the ungrateful fathers there. It is called a ‘vasectomy’. Yum.

For father’s day Aviation Gin doesVasectomy‘an available option for fathers who have found parenting as demanding as rewarding. It arrives with enough gin to make you 12 cocktails, cranberry juice, lemon juice, Fever-Tree Tonic and a mixer set.

In his iconic A sign of humor, in a new video released by Reynolds, he clumsily prepares for a cocktail as a “bubbling” celebration of “the way kids fill our lives with so much joy” as he stays deadlocked.

$ 39.72 this home-made vasectomy does not have promising long-term results, but it will give you the much-needed snippet of frustration that night.

Picture through Raw material: handcrafted cocktails

[via Ad Age, images via various sources]



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