Ripple is still awaiting a decision in a future lawsuit with the SEC. The future course should be defined here and also a positive outcome Ripple course Send to new heights in the short and long term. The XRP network itself is preparing additional updates in the meantime.


Smart contracts and DeFi visible

As now announced for the first time, developers are designing side chains that allow Ripple to offer smart contracts, such as those known from Ethereum. As lead developer David Schwartz explains in an in-house blog post, so-called federal side chains are meant to be integrated. These are suitable for the smart contracts mentioned, but also for exciting contracts The DeFi industry with its numerous applications and applications.

The whole thing should also be relatively easy to show to experienced programmers. They can create the chains themselves and then under the control of the connector. The function should even ensure that the Ripple block chain becomes interoperable, i.e. it can also communicate with other block chains.

Competition for ETH and ADA

“The possibilities are endless: The side chain can be strictly allowed or unauthorized, centralized or decentralized,” Schwartz says in a blog.

Opening up the DeFi market opens up new opportunities for the entire network. This should give the token and its passage a significant delay. In addition, you would compete directly with other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or new developments Cardano step.

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