The continuous rise of cloud computing in all industries is only expected to grow. How can your business prepare for the cloud-based IT landscape? It is time to put the cloud first mindset into practice. Harnessing the power of the cloud is a secret weapon for businesses large and small. When it comes to deploying a private cloud solution, companies have to adapt or risk being left behind.

We’re here today to talk about the steps your business can take to put a strong cloud-based mindset into practice. Your business cannot afford to miss out on being open to innovation to embrace capability and flexibility. Continue reading to learn more about how implementing a cloud installation in practice can effectively impact your business.

Put cloudiness into practice

In implementing cloud thinking, it is crucial that decision-makers have a solid understanding of cloud culture. In addition, they need to understand how to bring cloud services from the IT department to all areas of the business. These are some of the steps your business can take to put cloud services at the forefront and center of your IT strategy.

Be willing to embrace innovation

When it comes to innovating with fast-changing technology, your business should be willing to accept change or risk lagging behind. As a decision maker, it is your responsibility to keep an open mind and monitor trends and innovations. Making informed decisions about optimizing a cloud service solution is one of the best ways to put a cloud-based mindset into practice for your business.

Have the right decision style

So you’ve done your research and are ready to implement data-based solutions to improve your cloud solution and ensure things run smoothly with the latest updates. Now is the time to review your decision-making style. Do you hear other departments as you make a decision about the future of technology in your organization or company? You should look outside your IT department to see who needs to use the cloud service for optimal productivity. Maybe it’s time to add your sales CRM to the cloud or store confidential documents in a secure private cloud service for human resources. You don’t know unless you hear others and adjust your decisions based on what’s good for the whole business.

Embrace the ability and flexibility

When deploying a new cloud or updating an existing cloud solution, you may notice that there may be a known vulnerability. This is perfectly normal for organizations expanding their cloud infrastructure. You have a few options to relieve growth pains. Your business may be open to embracing new talent alongside new technologies. You can incorporate experts to help clouds work in the best possible way. If you have the staff and resources, you can complement your existing staff to meet any challenges your business may face in the cloud. Or, companies that want to take advantage of the cloud service without making changes to the team can consider fully managed clouds with a reliable cloud service. With a fully managed cloud, your business can focus on its core competencies, while the cloud provider does the rest.

If your company wants to set a private cloud mindset in practice VEXXHOST is here to help. We’ve been using and participating in the OpenStack code since 2011. So it’s safe to say we know OpenStack upside down. Whether you need a cloud infrastructure or a fully managed private cloud solution, contact us today learn more about how our services can optimize your cloud thinking.


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