Your YouTube cover image is an important part of branding your channel. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your channel, and the cover photo allows you to make a good first impression.

If you watch some popular YouTube channels, you’ll find that they all have carefully designed banners that effectively promote the channel. They usually show social media handles, streaming schedules, and descriptions of the content they make.

You need to hire a professional designer to make a great cover photo. But luckily, you can design one yourself with YouTube cover art templates.

See our collection of YouTube channel cover art and banner designs. Find the right cover design for your channel, upload it, edit it in Photoshop to get a professional-looking cover art in minutes.

90s Stream Youtube Cover Art Templates

This cover art model pack is full of 90s nostalgia with a bright and colorful design. It’s perfect for fun and entertaining YouTube channels to show what their content is all about. The package includes 5 different cover art layouts that you can customize to your liking with Photoshop or Illustrator.

Travel Vlogger Youtube Cover Banner Template

If you want to make your mobile blog channel stand out from hundreds of other channels, be sure to use this cover art. It has a creative and unique cover art layout that allows you to highlight your channel with a trendy design. There are 3 different models in this package.

Business Youtube Covers

The simple design of these cover art templates makes them the perfect choice for corporate and agency YouTube channels. You can easily customize the design to organize content, change colors, fonts, and replace images. It comes in PSD file format.

A modern Youtube channel art model

This set of YouTube channel art is exclusively for authors, artists and designers. The colorful design and clean content arrangement give them a very professional look. And you have room to promote social media channels as well as podcast or streaming schedules.

Podcast Youtube Cover Banner Templates

The YouTube banner template pack with a very stylish design is made especially for YouTube podcasting channels. There are 3 different banner designs in this package. Each template can be easily customized with Photoshop to make the necessary changes.

Free Memphis Design YouTube banner template

This is a free YouTube banner template that allows you to design a cover image for a music-themed channel. You can customize this template with the Placeit web editor to change colors, shapes, and text from your browser without having to use Photoshop.

Free play YouTube cover art template

This free cover photo is also from Placeit. You can easily edit, customize and download the cover image for free. This is best suited for game channels.

Multi-purpose Youtube cover art templates

This collection of YouTube cover art templates is designed for channels that cover entertainment-related content. It includes 4 different banner designs for gaming, movies, music and fitness-themed channels. Each template can be customized with Photoshop to change fonts, text, and images.

Creative Youtube Cover Banner Templates

You can create a trendy and colorful YouTube banner with the designs in this pack. They have creative templates that are best suited for YouTubeers who create meme reviews, game streams, movie reviews, and more. There are 3 different models in this pack.

Lens perspective YouTube cover image

If you’re a photographer, designer, developer, or artist who creates educational content on YouTube, this cover art template will help you create a professional banner for your channel. You can choose from 3 different templates and customize them to suit your channel.

Food Vlog Youtube cover

The banner designs in this package are a great choice to make a channel cover for food recipes and vloggers. The package includes 3 template templates that allow you to add a trendy and stylish banner to your channel. Each template is available in both Illustrator and Photoshop file formats.

Pastel Creator - Youtube cover art template

This cover art template is ideal for creators looking for simple and minimalist banner designs. It includes 3 different models with simple layouts. You have space to advertise on social channels and your profile picture. You can edit templates using Photoshop or Illustrator to change colors, text, and fonts.

Free fashion YouTuber channel art model

You can use this free channel art template to create a beautiful banner for a fashionable YouTube channel. It comes in EPS vector format, so you can easily edit any part of the model with a vector editor like Illustrator.

Free to play YouTube banner template

This free template is also available in vector format. It is ideal for making a simple channel image for a playable YouTube channel. The template has customizable text, colors, and backgrounds.

Urban style Youtube cover design

This YouTube cover template can be used to create banners for different types of streams and podcast channels. It has an urban style design and a dark theme. There are 2 different templates in the pack that you can customize with Photoshop or Illustrator.

Stream Youtube cover art template

If you’re a YouTube game stream, this collection of cover art is made just for you. It includes 5 different PSD templates that you can easily customize to create a cover page that highlights your channel and social media handle.

Buscoach - Youtube Cover Banner Template

This package of banner templates is perfect for YouTube channels that cover coaching, training, and tutorial content. The templates have creative templates that also make it easier to advertise services and content. You can choose from 3 different templates.

Gym and gym Youtube channel art model

Create attractive YouTube cover art for your fitness or gym channel. There are 4 different cover designs in this set that you can use to advertise your gym, fitness programs, and more. You can easily edit the design to change text, icons, and images using Photoshop.

Dollars - Youtube cover art template

This cover image is perfect for designers and developers to create a stylish banner for your channel. It has 3 different layouts with dark and trendy color themes. The text, shapes, colors, and everything in the templates are fully customizable.

Free to play YouTube channel art

Another free YouTube channel art template for game content producers. This model incorporates a Memphis design style that will make your channel stand out from the crowd.

Free music and DJ YouTube banner template

Creative YouTube banner template for DJs and YouTube music channels. This template is in vector EPS format, and you can customize it with Illustrator to change the text and rearrange the elements to your liking.

Playing Youtube Cover Art Templates

This cover art template is made for playing YouTube channels. It has a set of creative banners that will make your channel more entertaining. The package has 3 different templates.

Tech Review Youtube Cover Banner Template

You can use the templates in this package to create cover pages for technology news and watch YouTube channels. It includes 3 different models that you can easily customize to your preferences.

Creative Concept Youtube art templates

This cover banner template pack is perfect for YouTube channels that cover educational content. You can customize the templates however you want to add your own images, colors and text. The templates come in AI and PSD file formats.

The smallest live streaming YouTube cover model

If you have a streaming YouTube channel, this cover image template pack will help you design the perfect banner for your channel. It includes 5 different banner designs with a clean and minimal design. You can also edit them in Photoshop.

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