Writing good code is important – writing easy-to-read code is the next level of skill. It’s not often that APIs are introduced whose seemingly only useful function makes code more readable, but I want to introduce you to JavaScript numeric delimiters: an API that allows developers to make underscores numbers more readable!

Consider the following number in your code:

// No commas for numbers in JavaScript
const oneHundredThousand = 100000;

Large numbers have always been difficult to engineer mentally for engineers, so using underscores to improve code readability is an overall win:

const oneMillion = 1_000_000; // 1000000
const decimals = 1_000_00.01_02_03 // 100000.010203

The only real rule with numeric separators is that a number cannot start or end with an underscore.

Numeric separators for JavaScript seem to give spec creators a feature. As an engineer, I take everything I get. You will never stop learning in the world of JavaScript!

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