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When the Google My Business (GMB) data management agency, customer acquisition was called, and the workload piled up, the birth of Local Viking was a real baptism of fire.

We needed something that could start reporting container shipping, help our staff automate some day-to-day optimization efforts, and lead to more accurate and meaningful investment tracking for our customers.

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If you’re looking for quick GMB management tips, you might find us 15 minute marketing method case study useful.

But if you want a real deep dive into some of the components inside Local Viking that make managing GMB lists on a scale easy, then read on.

Investment tracking (the old way) no longer works

It may sound crazy, but in local SERPs, it’s true.

The grid above shows some of the customer’s service areas and where their GMB is located in the specified section.

If you’re already using a grid, we have a massive one AZ GMB Ranking Guide which you can download for free.

Each of those nodes represents the position in which the customer appears when you search for that coordinate on the map. Traditional position tracking pulls results from a single GPS coordinate and displays it without any other context.

This means that any tracking of local SERPs that is not grid-based will be highly inaccurate.

Using GeoGrid also allows us to identify certain markets where we are failing, especially when using other levels of business intelligence.

We can then guess that leadership in these areas would benefit the success of our campaigns.

So if your company / client is a contractor who specializes in high-end home remodeling, it will likely prompt you to succeed in areas with the highest home values, household income, etc.

From a marketing team perspective, creating GIF reports also creates a consuming way to study growth and gaps over time.

Seeing the visual impact of local search engine optimization services is great to make sure you’re on the right track and make you look like a rock star in marketing meetings.

How to get better results on your GMB list with less tools

Traditional investment tracking does not allow any of these – and many systems whose visibility KPIs use these figures are also inherently flawed.

One control is the control of many

Centralized management and automation are key – whether you’re considering the accuracy of the action you need when performing local search engine optimization for a single location, or planning a campaign for a franchise with more than a thousand locations and the inventory-worthy work needed to increase their visibility.

Smuggling many software platforms is the opposite of how we optimize our agency (or whatever), so Local Viking’s goal now and over time is to let you “cut the wire” from a disconnected toolkit.

  • Investment tracking tools.
  • GeoGrid Rank Tracking (thermal mapping) tools.
  • GMB mailing schedule.
  • Image optimization tool.
  • Review management.
  • Automatic reporting tools.

The local Viking Roadmap intends to replace even more tools and allow you to focus your efforts more as we continue to develop the platform.

  • Redirect from one place you manage to another without multiple logins or management environments slowing down the ability to quickly analyze KPIs on a single screen.
  • Make sure your campaigns have campaigns enabled, or enable them yourself with a single click.
  • And so much more.

How to get better results on your GMB list with less tools

We have a constantly evolving ecosystem that you can trust, whether managing customer campaigns, reporting customer accounts, quickly pushing KPIs into marketing or business development teams, or managing marketing because it’s really built for “us for us.”

Local Viking’s solutions are, firstly, representatives of the agency – they were born out of necessity and have been enhanced with performance in “trenches,” unlike opportunists with a SaaS model-driven development team.

That’s why we made the dead simple to perform tasks, both in bulk and for individual locations, that are essential to a healthy local search engine optimization campaign.

GMB Post Scheduling offers a wealth of quality life add-ons that make intensive local content marketing plans easy.

How to get better results on your GMB list with less tools

Image optimization becomes scalable, automated, and timed to complement your local content strategy, your website images, and improve your GMB messages.

Whether you want to optimize and schedule a few images in one location or upload and optimize thousands of images in hundreds of locations, we make it smooth and efficient.

We know that GMB ratings have a measurable impact on our local SEO, but perhaps more importantly, their impact on business results.

If we go to our Local Viking Review Command Center, we can see a simple interface that allows us to view and respond to GMB reviews.

How to get better results on your GMB list with less tools

Focusing reviews in one place where you can view and respond to a location becomes a critical development in your organization.

We also have a really great integration with the work where you can use their software to automatically generate reviews of your current customer base. When this is complete, we will send all your GMB review data back to Local Viking so you can manage the scale.

One of the key things that can quickly become unmanageable for agencies and multi-sites is managing image optimization and distributing it on any scale.

Crushing many tools makes this a cumbersome project that takes many hours of work.

It no longer has to be.

How to get better results on your GMB list with less tools

Our large format machine allows you to optimize EXIF ​​models, optimize image file names, and schedule images to be uploaded in either file upload or drag-and-drop format.

Complete management of optimization, placement, and scheduling in one place transforms hours of work with multiple tools.

If you want to see how many other ways you can reduce the number of tools you pay for while concentrating your efforts and creating the ability to do more in a short amount of time, schedule a demo with the Local Viking team and let us show you.

Don’t forget that we have a huge crowd AZ GMB Ranking Guide which you can download for free.

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