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This year’s most populated city classifications Economist The Intelligence Unit (EIU) was upset by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cities in Asia Pacific dominated most of the top 10 list, and Auckland grabbed the top of the world’s liveliest city.

New Zealand the star ranking was improved by the country’s successful handling of the pandemic, as a result of which schools, cinemas, restaurants and other cultural sites remained open during the survey period from 22 February to 21 March this year.

Follow Auckland Leading are Osaka, Adelaide, Wellington, Tokyo, Perth, Zurich, Geneva, Melbourne and Brisbane.

By CNBCcities are classified on the basis of more than 30 criteria, including broad categories of stability, health, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

COVID-19 the pandemic further increased the health care sector and how well each city handled the constraints on local events, cinemas, concerts, and dining.

Cities that were locked during the IP and their results decreased significantly on the basis of these criteria, leading many European cities to be removed from the list.

See For a complete list of the most populous cities in the world, see the report here.

1. Auckland, New Zealand
2. Osaka, Japan
3. Adelaide, Australia
4. Wellington, New Zealand
5. Tokyo, Japan
6. Perth, Australia
7. Zurich, Switzerland
8. Geneva, Switzerland
9. Melbourne, Australia
10. Brisbane, Australia

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