Remember the time when you see your doctor, take care of your health to the doctor and the doctor will write the prescription on paper. You take a look at the prescription paper and you have a hard time understanding the medications recommended by your doctor. You rush to the pharmacy and ask them to help you understand the prescription, but what if even chemistry makes it hard to read the medicine? Then e-prescription software is born. An electronic prescription, e-prescription, or eRx that has been born to replace the traditional method of determining medicine. With its widespread benefits, e-prescription drugs have their own way of becoming an integral part of healthcare.

Here is our guide e-Prescription mobile application development and e-prescription software development. So without any additions, let’s start with this guide by giving you an overview of what an e-prescription or eRx is.

What is e-prescription software?

An electronic prescription is the process by which a prescription is created electronically. This e-prescription can either be sent directly to the patient or to the pharmacy. Because the prescription is produced electronically, it can be easily understood by the patient himself. In addition e-Prescription application development is to eliminate the risks associated with writing a manual prescription so patients can expect safe and quality care for themselves.

In addition to this, e-Prescription software also offers several other benefits. Some of them are simplified medical workflow management, increased patient satisfaction, improved patient safety and so many more. The software seamlessly connects medical experts, patients and pharmacies to ensure they are provided with quality services.

How does e-prescription software work?

Before you invest time and resources e-Prescription software development solution, you need to learn how e-Prescription works. The e-Prescription software or mobile application is flexible and can be easily developed e-Prescription application development company.

Provides information

When a patient plans an appointment with doctors. The doctor uses the e-Prescription system to check the patient’s insurance coverage. In this way, the doctor can prescribe the medicine covered by the patient’s insurance.

The doctor will extract the information Management of the interests of pharmacies (PBM). PBM is a list of all medications that are part of a medical planprescription ’.

Displays the recipe history

In addition to insurance coverage, e-Prescription software can allow a physician to see a patient’s previous medication history.

The doctor analyzes the patient’s prescription history, creates a new prescription, and sends it to the pharmacy for filling. If the pharmacy has several options for the medicines prescribed in the e-Prescription, the patient has the opportunity to choose the most suitable for them.

Convenient filling

E-Prescription software makes refilling much easier because it allows the pharmacy to ask a doctor on behalf of the patient. And then the doctor sees the request and approves or rejects it.

Features that make an e-prescription program / mobile app

Here is a list of the key features that make the development of the e-Prescription mobile application a success. We have classified the characteristics in four ways: patient, physician, pharmacy, and administrator.

General features

Paperless patient records: the e-prescription contains all the details of the patient, including medical history, allergies and so on.

Reassignment: If the current e-prescription does not improve the patient’s health, the doctor can update the prescription immediately.

Dosing Fill Reminder: The doctor will always keep you informed of the patient’s dose. The application notifies the doctor when the patient stops the dose and needs a dose again.

New RX: If the patient does not see the need for dosing, the doctor may prescribe a completely new e-prescription to the pharmacy.

Reminder of scheduled appointments: An electronic prescription program or mobile app notifies patients and physicians of upcoming scheduled appointments.

Patient panel

Stay up to date: Well-built e-prescription software keeps a lot of information up to date, including medical coverage, personal information, latest prescriptions, etc.

Tell your doctor: The patient can update their current illness in the application or software and will notify the doctor immediately.

Order medicines: The patient can order medications at any time on a single tab, and the pharmacy will deliver them to your door in a promising time.

Immediate test report update: Patients have access to test reports as soon as the doctor uploads the report to the app and starts taking the appropriate medications.

Medical panel

Keep the doctor on track: Whether dosage filling, appointment notice and other important information will be shared immediately with your doctor.

Keep a patient’s allergy history: Physicians can see all information about the patient, including their allergy history. Using this information, the doctor can create a better prescription for the patient.

Check and edit the recipe: The physician can review all patient prescription information and edit it at any time to ensure a smooth recovery of the patient.

No prescription error: The automation process ensures that the patient never runs out of doses or the doctor never prescribes the same drug to the patient again.

Pharmacy panel

Comprehensive dashboard: The dashboard of the E-Prescription software or mobile application gives the pharmacy all the information needed to run a pharmacy successfully.

Expanding customers: Patients using the E-Presepts software can order medications from your pharmacy.

Efficient record management: The e-Prescription software or mobile application keeps the pharmacy accounts in an efficient and error-free manner.

Admin panel

All management rights: An administrator can manage patients, doctors, and pharmacies from a single control panel.

Review management: It empowers the administrator to effectively manage all reviews of the e-Prescription software or mobile application.

Payment access: The administrator can see all payments made with the software.

Content Management: The patient can view or edit the data with a few clicks.

How much does it cost to develop e-prescription software / mobile application?

Costs of developing e-prescription software

Numerous factors are taken into account when determining costs e-prescription software development or a mobile application. Some of the most significant factors are listed below.

  • Application-related features and functions
  • Integration of third party applications
  • Certification and compliance
  • The size of an electronic prescription software development company
  • number of users
  • A stack of technology

So if you are ready to join e-prescription software development then you need to consider the above factors. The total budget you may have to spend on developing e-Prescription software would be around $ 25,000 to $ 50,000. Keep in mind that this is only an estimated price, actual costs may be higher than this.

Are you ready to build e-prescription software and mobile app?

No one can deny the fact that e-Prescription software development is beneficial to the medical industry. eRx software is welcomed by most doctors and patients around the world. In addition, such software improves people’s lives, so joining into this noble business would be very profitable.

If you want to build e-Prescription software development solution, then BR Softech is one of the most important items to help you develop your software as you expect. BR Softech e-Prescription mobile application development company engineers of digital change, and they will not be left unturned to achieve your development goals.


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