Finding the right cloud solution for your business can seem overwhelming. A variety of managed cloud services and solutions are available for large and small businesses. Choosing the right cloud provider is an important decision. You need to take many steps to find the right level of support for your business for your unique business and a provider that really listens to your individual requirements so that your business can reap the full benefits of managed services.

Want to know more? Dive into fully controlled services; what they mean, who they are best suited for and the best ways to make the most of them. Keep reading to learn important information that can benefit your business.

What do fully managed services mean?

A fully managed cloud solution means that your company entrusts a cloud service provider with the task of helping to maintain your private cloud. This means your business will be able to focus on the most important ones. In the meantime, the cloud provider you choose will maintain your clouds. Companies typically experience a higher return on investment, better flexibility, and better use of resources when they deploy a fully managed cloud solution. The benefits of providing the right cloud services are huge.

When your business uses a fully managed service for your cloud needs, you take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of your business cloud. Plus, it doesn’t matter where your business is on their cloud journey, whether you’re moving to the cloud or want to introduce new releases, a good service provider will work with your business to find the right course of action.


A fully managed solution means your business never has to worry about infrastructure. Fully managed means fully supported. The cloud provider you choose is responsible for any heavy lifting so your business can focus on what it does best.

Updates and security updates

Concerned about delayed updates and security updates? With a fully managed solution, your cloud provider ensures that your cloud has the latest version of all components. They also ensure that all security requirements are met at all times.


Whether your business is a start-up or a large international company, you have a fully managed solution to suit your individual needs. In all industries, the right cloud provider can help determine which infrastructure layout is best for your application.

The right service provider

When your business relies on the right provider to fully manage your cloud services, you optimize your cloud. The right service provider is able to offer a fully managed cloud solution based on their experience and expertise. In addition, they perform general maintenance and control of cloud service components from data processing, storage, networks, and elsewhere. The right service provider can make all the difference in a cloud strategy.

VEXXHOST difference

If your business is looking for a reliable cloud provider that can help you transition to fully managed cloud services, VEXXHOST is here to help. In terms of network architecture, design, best practices, OpenStack bug fixes, upgrades, and more, we just go beyond deploying your infrastructure. Contact our team of experts learn how we can help optimize your cloud strategy. We give your business fully managed freedom private cloud solution.


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