Today, people find it difficult to tell the difference between an IT support and an IT solution. The reason for this confusion is that both services are geared towards customer support. They provide the customer with help, support and solutions. The two services (IT support and IT solution) are very similar in many ways, but there is a difference between the two.

We will try to make a little difference between the two:

IT support is also called Technical Support or Technical Support. This is a range of services where IT companies provide assistance and support to their customers with their IT department and IT equipment (computers, laptops, printers, Internet modems, fax machines, etc.)

When an IT company sells a product, it typically provides full technical support for the product. Most of the time this service is free, but sometimes customers pay a maintenance fee.

IT support has four main points:

1. Solve a specific problem with a product (deal with the problem)

2. Provide training (online training or on-site training)

3. Product customization (allowing the customer to upgrade or make changes to the product)

4. Other support services (allowing customer to request VIP service, be the first on the list if there is a problem with their product)

There are three types of IT support:

1. Time and material support – this type of support is commonly used in the IT industry. The concept of this support is that the customer pays for the material (broken or damaged parts) and the time spent working on the product (technicians’ working time). This type of service is performed on the premises of the IT company.

2. Blocking hours – this type of support is where the customer buys a block of hours in advance to pay a reduced hourly rate. The company and the customer negotiate a discount rate and a fixed number of hours to be used for each month or year. This type of service is done through the phone or the company’s customer service. Where a customer speaks directly to the technician on the phone. The Block Hours service is commonly used by customers such as hotels and restaurants.

3. 24/7 on-site assistance – this type of service is provided to customers by well-defined IT companies. It is great service but can be pricey. This service has two parts: an on-call technician, who can come on-site to inspect and repair your product; and a 24/7 call service, where you can reach the technician anytime over the phone. Not all IT companies can provide 24/7 phone, online, and onsite support.

IT solutions is also known as problem solving.

It is the process by which the IT company can find a solution to the customer’s problem.

There is a three-part diagnosis:

1. Problem search (Find the real problem)

2. Formatting the problem (Work on the problem and finalize it)

3. Problem solving (Find the solution and fix the problem

When the IT company deals with and fixes the problem, it provides a prominent answer or solutions to the customer, so that the problem can be fixed.

As we can see, the two services are very similar, but have some differences between them. The IT support service is more technical and the IT solution service is more personal.

Your IT company should be able to provide both services to you at all times.

Source by Andy Tierney


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