Picture through Business Wire / Burger King

This month of pride, Burger King is known to support LGBTQ + support while subtly digging into the competing Chick-fil-A restaurant chain.

Latter there have been problems with the LGBTQ + community, and some community members even decided to boycott the chain. By CNN, Chick-fil-A has previously had donations to organizations known to be anti-LGBTQ +.

Now their new release Ch’King chicken sandwich, Burger King has pledged to donate 40 cents from each sale this month to a human rights campaign – the largest LGBTQ + rights organization in the United States.

On Twitter To further the matter, Burger King said it will make these donations “even on Sundays,” another yacht at Chick-fil-A, whose restaurants are not open on Sundays.

Get caught with the fast food drama below.

[via CNN, cover image via Business Wire / Burger King]



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