Fairness, diversity and inclusion in the world of technology

There is a lot of data showing that increasing diversity increases revenue. The various teams generate 19% more revenue (“A mix that matters. Innovation through diversity”, BCG 2017), while companies with more than 30% female managers are more likely to succeed in companies with a lower percentage. (“Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters” McKinsey 2020).

We strongly believe that the best technology comes from different teams, where people with different perspectives, experiences and ideas come together to find solutions and create new, revolutionary ideas.

At the same time, we are aware that only a small percentage of women choose to study computer science and related STEM fields. In the United States it is 18% (Anatomy of a Sustainable Gender Gap: Women’s Participation in Computing, 2015), In Poland it is even less – only 15% (Perspectives, Women in technology, 2021).

The reason for this difference is a completely different story than the difference itself, but there is a lot of worrying information about the difficulties women experience when considering a career in a field currently dominated by men – from pay gaps to gender aggregations due to gender stereotypes. .

49% of female technicians in the UK have experienced some form of discrimination in the workplace (Studio Graphene Survey, 2020). In the United States, this percentage ranges from 20% to 48% in STEM jobs (PEW Research Center, 2017). Women also cite gender discrimination as one of the reasons for slower progress at work, with limited growth opportunities and delayed promotions.

What are we doing to increase gender diversity?

We believe that if we want to attract and retain talented female technology professionals, we need to try extra work to make sure we reach them through our communications. Because there are fewer such candidates in the job market, they are difficult to reach. We also want to make sure we are a truly hospitable, inclusive, friendly and fair company to work with.

To attract female applicants, we invest a lot in how we format our job postings and how we advertise them. Did you know that women apply for fewer jobs than men if they do not fit 100% of the criteria listed? We are also well aware of the unconscious bias in the recruitment process, and we seek to allay prejudices in both directions through blind job evaluation and other safeguards.

At Appsilon, no applicants are hired or fired during the recruitment process because of their gender.

Our promise to all our candidates – regardless of their gender!


From the moment you apply for Appsilon, you know what pay brackets you can expect. We have a career guide that describes each stage of your career and your potential salary. In Appsilon, we have defined a path of progression in technology roles where each step requires certain skills. We ensure that all team members are aware of the different grades and specializations.

We have female project managers, female technology managers and a female manager. As a technical professional, you will gain experience working with different types of managers. As a woman – you are not the only one in the room. We are talking about the challenges for women team members because we know that the office is under-represented and working with men in the dominant workforce brings with it its own challenges. That is why we also ensure that both female and male colleagues are involved in the recruitment process.

Appsilon has flexible working hours so you can choose the time that works best for you. We are a remote first company, which means you can work from anywhere in the world. We also believe that your family and children are a priority. If they need you, feel free to take the time to be with them. If you are on parental leave, we are happy for you and will wait until you are ready to return. Appsilon currently employs many team members with young children, so we are aware of and adapt to the challenges of work-life harmony. We even have a separate loose channel where we share pictures of our children 😉


We provide innovative data analytics and machine learning solutions for Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, and nonprofits. We deliver the world’s most advanced R Shiny applications. Using our own machine learning frameworks, we offer Computer Vision, NLP and Anti-Fraud prototypes in just a week. We ensure that all team members have equal access to interested projects.


We firmly believe that words have meaning and how they are used creates our reality. That is why we have decided to use inclusive, non-discriminatory language at all times. We respect the pronouns you choose, avoid using gender-specific terms when speaking to a mixed group (e.g., “Hello guys”) or gender-discriminatory phrases (e.g., “You know what kind of guys are, do it like a girl”). We strive to communicate empathetically and understandingly, which is why the entire team underwent non-violent communication training. We listen and give everyone a chance to speak equally.


We ensure that all our employees have the opportunity to present their work and speak on behalf of the company. We encourage female colleagues to actively participate in international conferences to increase the visibility of female technology professionals. Olga Mierzwa-Sulima (performance at rstudioconf), Maria Grycuk (speech in use)!

In front of the curve

As more and more companies realize the added value that comes from increased gender diversity in the workforce, we will hopefully see a shift in women’s participation in all types of jobs. In the future, it may also mean that more women will choose to explore all topics that are currently considered “male areas”. For now, we hope to get on the curve and fight to attract members of the women’s team, listen to the needs of all our employees, and create a truly diverse and inclusive corporate culture.

Appsilon hires remote roles! Look at us Career a page for all open positions, including a React Developers, R glossy developers, Fullstack engineersand Frontend developers. Join Appsilon and work on groundbreaking projects with some of the world’s most influential Fortune 500 companies.

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