Pictures via BAPE

Bathing Monkey the watch set marks the box of almost every Rolex watch and is not afraid to show it. By expanding the existing set of luxury watches, the Japanese streetwear brand has now unveiled BAPEX type 1 model in three luxurious colors.

Not just monkeying BAPE’s latest watches are built to last thanks to a stainless steel surface and scratch-resistant sapphire windows. Getting into the water with them is also not a problem as they can be irrigated up to 100 meters (328 feet).

Rolex owners may take a double shot with BAPEX’s amazingly bright display and sleek one-way reversible frame, as well as silver / black, silver / green and silver / purple options.

For the old days therefore, wristbands also move by eternal mechanics.

A key feature is the rotation of the Rolex logo. The BAPE version has a similar word mark, its iconic monkey head, and the title “A monkey never kills a monkey.”

Each watch is sold priced at $ 639 and debut on June 12th.

[via Complex, images via BAPE]



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