by Monomita Chakraborty
June 10, 2021

The Hong Kong team behind the well-known humanoid robot Sophia is launching a new prototype, Grace, for healthcare.

Grace is wearing a blue nurse’s uniform and has Asian features, a collar-length brown hair and a thermal camera on her chest to measure temperature and measure your responsiveness. He can diagnose a patient with artificial intelligence and speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

By report“I can go out with people and brighten their day with social stimulation, but I can also do speech therapy, take biologic readings, and help health care providers,” Grace told Reuters as she stood next to her sister Sophia at the creator Hanson Robotics’ Hong Kong workshop.

Grace reminds health care professionals and their ability to interact socially in an effort to reduce the burden on hospital staff who drown during a pandemic, said founder David Hanson.

Grace will be launched after the global effects of the coronavirus have made the need for humanoid robots urgent, said Kim Min-Sun, a professor of communication at the University of Hawaii.

Stuck at home during COVID-19 locking, many people’s state of mind has suffered from negative thoughts.

“If they can get help with the deployment of these social robots in an intimate environment, it will certainly have a positive impact on society,” he said.

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