There may be many surprises on your cloud deployment journey. Some are adorable, such as lowering overall costs or experiencing better scalability and agility. Others are not so nice. There are many unwanted surprises that can catch you if you are not vigilant. It is important for your business to be proactive rather than reactive, especially when deploying a new cloud infrastructure.

By taking a holistic approach to cloud infrastructure, you will be able to implement clouds without wasting time and resources. More than $ 530 billion is projected to be spent on cloud services and infrastructure by 2021, so it’s time to adapt. More than 90% of companies use multiple cloud services and platforms, so it’s essential that companies expect the unexpected.

Today, we’ll identify four ways your business can avoid unwanted surprises in the cloud service. It’s not just about economy and agility, it’s about optimizing the digital journey for the best results. Continue reading for more information.

# 1 Anticipate the unexpected

One of the best ways your business can combat unwanted surprises is to have systems in place to monitor usage, who uses it, and how much it costs your business. For new cloud infrastructure, it is important to consider how much cloud resources are in use and how quickly, as these unexpected costs can rise rapidly.

# 2 Beware of skill shortages

When the deployment of the cloud service is complete, there are still challenges ahead. Sometimes this means that your company needs to address the skills and experience gaps in your IT department. It can mean the skills of existing staff or even adding new unexpected skills to your team. Another difficulty in tackling skills can be finding skilled workers to join their teams. Businesses can underestimate how much people with a cloud background can pay. You may want to outsource a fully managed cloud service solution if you are looking for someone to take some of the pressure off of your staff.

# 3 Keep an eye on safety

While a trusted cloud provider has a role to play in the security of your cloud infrastructure, your company is still responsible for maintaining best practices to protect your data. Your business needs to stay above all base stations from regularly backing up data to ensure that only certain people have access to the data. Adopting and adhering to security policies in your company can make every effort to ensure the security of your cloud solution.

# 4 Do due diligence

Time to take care of diligence before problems arise can be important. Mistakes are easy to make when decision makers and employees are unfamiliar with cloud-based information. Providing best practices alongside relevant training can have a major impact on the cloud deployment process. Even using the right help can work wonders in avoiding big costly mistakes. Take the time to ask your cloud provider for advice. They will help you ensure that you make the best use of your cloud infrastructure.

Does your business think deployment of cloud services? Contact the experts at VEXXHOST for more information on how we can help your business avoid unwanted surprises and grow with a cloud solution.


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