Some of you may remember finishing resorts with brochures and trips to your travel agent. Now things are a little different, at the touch of a button the route is complete and the destination is ready to explore. What made this possible? Of course technology! The tourism industry has been developing for years at the same time as technological development. Cloud computing has played a significant role in changes in the tourism industry.

Tourism development

Among the many changes to the IT infrastructure, cloud service is a unique aspect. The tourism industry has also undergone significant changes due to cloud services. Tour operators will benefit from rising technology, but as highlighted earlier, consumers will be affected in the same way.

Fast service delivery

The customer demands a rapid change in the travel market. In tourist destinations, demand increases and decreases depending on what is “trendy”. Cloud computing provides travel agents with the speed and responsiveness they need to meet those needs. The cloud solution, which is constantly updated, benefits not only agencies but also transportation departments. Cloud scalability is also essential to keep up to date with consumer demand and internal operations.

Customized service

Storing data becomes easy with cloud technology. All the information about customer preferences and behavior can be comfortably in the cloud. Cloud-based tools can also help gain more insights and predict consumer behavior patterns. Travel agents then leverage all of this to provide the most customized experience possible for their end users. In addition, cloud storage and capacity also enable data synchronization. That’s why it’s easier than ever to track eligible items on Instagram and match it with customers with similar interests. Making marketing initiatives more targeted and effective.

Promotes development

Application development is a common way to use cloud resources. The cloud infrastructure makes pre-coded models easily accessible to everyone. Travel agents can develop applications or even chat robots to increase customer base and offer coverage via mobile phones. This ability brings the tourism industry closer to anyone who travels or wants.

Find your cloud provider

With the right cloud provider, you can only expect from the first day of cloud service that your business will improve, speed up, and become more efficient. Cloud computing has even changed air service in many ways. In addition, a number of cloud-based management tools facilitate the overall management of both the user interface and background tasks.

OpenStack is also able to fully support the needs of the tourism giant through cloud services. It offers excellent flexibility and business agility that you can use. If you are a member of the live tourism industry and want to start your journey to the cloud, then VEXXHOST’s Fully managed private cloud the solution is for you.

At VEXXHOST, we can provide you with a fully customized cloud installation that we have complete control over. We take care of the infrastructure layer and help you focus on your company’s core competencies! Take contact with us to know more about how we can help you.


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