TikTok has launched a new campaign encourage positivity and inclusion in the application, while combating cyberbullying, while promoting a more open, encouraging community atmosphere.

As explained TikTok

“At TikTok, we value the trust of our community and work hard to maintain it by developing an inclusive atmosphere. Bullying disrupts the trust-based nature of an app by undermining people’s self-confidence. We are aware that while That’s why we greatly appreciate the stories of our community from their experiences, and that’s why we invest in measures to keep TikTok a place where kindness and compassion thrive.

TikTok has a unique position in this regard, given the popularity of the app among younger audiences and the open and public nature of TikTok clips.

TikTok’s design is focused on broadcasting to the general public and participating in the latest trends, as opposed to sharing with closer groups of friends (although you can send privately if you select). Add to this the fact that approx one-third of TikTok users presumably under the age of 14, and you can see why the app needs to focus on such concerns more than other social apps.

TikTok is also being investigated in different regions in different regions because of its content policy with concerns that it exposes young people to offensive and harmful content. The European Commission recently gave TikTok a month to respond to allegations that it is a dangerous exposure of minors to potentially harmful material, whereas the Italian authorities recently forced the company to delete over 500,000 accounts in the midst of issues of age verification practices.

Because of these concerns, TikTok makes sense to increase its focus in this regard, and while a new in-app campaign won’t address such issues, it may necessarily help shift the user’s focus to available reporting and security tools to help reduce such issues.

The #CreateKindness campaign includes an animated video series produced by the creators of TikTok, designed to tell their true and personal stories through the app.

By using distinctive animation styles and sounds and revealing themselves at the end of the videos, these creators create an important message at home: behind every account is a real person who deserves treatment in a kind and respectful way. “

TikTok presents videos on its Discover page throughout the month, at the same time it launches #CreateKindness a hashtag challenge that encourages users to “share heart-warming moments and comments that inspire you to spread kindness.”

TikTok #CreateKindness

Given the concerns presented here and the impact of TikTok now that it continues to grow and reach more and more young users, I’m not sure such a platform campaign will have a huge impact – but at the same time it can’t hurt, and maybe, by increasing expression and support, it can help to build a more inclusive atmosphere in the application.

But clearly, given the ongoing research, TikTok has real work to do in this area. What it does, too, but its improved detection and monitoring processes and improved age checks are where it sees real results here.

The #CreateKindness campaign is likely to be more than PR, but the internal measures taken by TikTok are a real boost in this regard.


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