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State of Washington has recently adopted an initiative, nicknamed “Joints for Jabs,” which allows authorized retailers to offer free marijuana to those who have received COVID-19.

This is the part a whole host of initiatives are being launched across the country to encourage more people to get their shots. From free potatoes that lottery and the benefits of the dating app, free marijuana is the latest addition to increase the percentage of vaccinated adults in the United States.

In the opinion Licensed dealers published by the State Liquor and Cannabis Board are allowed to offer a pre-rolled joint to customers 21 years of age and older when they receive their COVID-19 vaccination at the store clinic. This initiative will run until 12 July HuffPost.

Current figures invests more than half of adults in the United States who have received at least one shot. Hopefully ingenious initiatives like “Joints For Jabs” will encourage even more people to vaccinate themselves.

[via HuffPost, cover via Chokniti Khongchum / Shutterstock.com]



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