The role of social media in accidents: Faruqi & Faruqi LLP; Faruqi explains the effects

We often hear about accidents because of the desire to capture moments on social media. It seems that the world has toured the virtual connections we create, while social media platforms compete for user engagement.

A recent accident involving Snapchat

Accident which occurred on May 4, 2021, reveals that three young men collided with a tree speeding in a vehicle. The purpose of the three young men performing the trick was to try one of the Snapchat filters. This filter shows the actual speed of the alleged vehicle.

Three parents believe Snapchat is to blame for the accident because young people are lured to show their speed on the social media platform. Many of the victims are powerless against the technical giants, but surprisingly, the court revealed that parents have the right to sue for civil design.

Civil Law Law Firm Faruqi & Faruqi LLP believes that the judicial system is on the right track with this decision. This article explains the consequences that can occur when the public is empowered to bring civil actions against social media giants.

Right to personal injury victims and family

The majority of personal injury victims and survivors are content with little or no compensation for accidents resulting from social media participation. While this has continued for the most part since the advent of social media, this single case of 2021 can bring one step closer to justice for three young victims as well as future victims and their families.

Faruqi & Faruqi LLP explains that social media platforms have legal protection that would cover them if some parties decide to sue. However, it is a strong fact to observe that people who are harmed by the design of an application are finally given justice.

Reforming social media design

Many social media-related accidents are caused by the wrong trends and challenges. These are often user-generated ideas and content that encourage people, especially young people, to show impressive action in photos and videos.

Unfortunately, social media design, where interaction becomes a favorite contest, has been at the heart of accidents due to trends and challenges. Social media giants should now have time to rethink the design of their applications by removing content that encourages dangerous behavior while maintaining genuine interaction.

Some areas for improvement include:

  • Medical legal teams review the content of social media features: Faruqi & Faruqi LLP says experts need to have a judgment on the design and features of the app, which can be a blind spot for other developers. This step can help prevent future accidents and also protect technology companies.
  • Collection of opinions: When trends and challenges turn viral, it often only happens to a certain population and not to a large social media population. Therefore, it is necessary to gather opinions from other population groups that are not affected by social media characteristics, trends, and challenges if they pose physical, mental, or emotional threats to a particular group.
  • Immediate and continuous improvement: With the help of experts, social media applications should give users reminders about the key purpose of using them. Immediate and continuous progress by developers should always take place not only to encourage the use of social media but also to provide it extremely safe among users.

Awareness among people on social media

Some victims cannot speak because they feel they have no power against the social media giants through civil litigation. This current phase brings new hope even to past victims and raises awareness of how social media trends can go wrong.

Parents can remind children of the consequences of participation filters, challenges or trends in these social media platforms. Some trends are designed to threaten someone’s life for popularity, and while they appear on social media, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve passed safety assessments.

People can also take a step back and evaluate what they have done on social media. More than a physical problem, it also concerns the inner workings of our hearts and minds and how we use technology that shapes our lives. It brings awareness about why we use social media and how we should teach others about security and genuine connections.

Other technology that encourages safety

As the recent case of the Snapchat accident reveals that victims may have a higher coefficient for a Supreme Court decision, other inventors of the technology will have to rethink applications, gadgets, and other businesses that promote safety and positive behavior.

Social media has been at the forefront of the debate mental health issues, criminal activity and personal injury accidents, such as the case mentioned above. It is high time that creative people should be aware of how they design their inventions to promote safety and positive behavior.

More attention needs to be paid to people’s mental well-being, personal safety and the maintenance of values, especially to influential groups that can be easily influenced by such forums.

Hope in the midst of tragedy: justice and change

Faruqi & Faruqi LLP believes that the recent horrific accident will hopefully bring about a positive change in the way personal injury victims are treated when events involve the giants of the social media platform. Hopefully, this tragedy will encourage victims to come forward and challenge social media platforms to think about their plans for user safety and well-being.


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