Picture through Intersex equality in the UK

When you talk about flag of pride, most people would know the original rainbow flag, created in 1978.

However, little known The tidbit is that Gilbert Baker, one of the key players behind the flag, had planned it to evolve over the years to include more of the LGBTQ + community.

Over the past decade The Pride Flag has certainly evolved to include more identities that deserve recognition and celebration. A few years ago, Amber Hikes introduced the updated Pride Flag site black and brown stripesrespecting the colors of the Community.

The following Designer Daniel Quasar integrated the Transgender Flag into the Pride Flag, and the former baby’s blue, pink and white stripes were added to the custom rainbow colors.

Now another designer Valentino Vecchietti has updated the flag to include intersex people and recognize them.

Together Intersex Equality Rights UK, Vecchietti designed a new flag to include the Intersex flag, introduced in 2013 – a yellow and purple circle in the middle.

Like LGBTQ + As the community continues to grow, you can certainly expect Pride Flag to continue to evolve – just as the founders had intended. See the updated ticket below.

[via Advocate, cover image via Intersex Equality Rights UK]



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